Healthcare Coalitions

Hospital Leaders, DHS Learn About Health Care Coalitions; Plan for Further Development

Building off the collaborative partnerships that the Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program (WHEPP) has fostered over the years, Wisconsin is moving toward a regional model of emergency preparedness by creating health care coalitions (HCC). Nationally, federally grant-funded state hospital emergency preparedness programs, including WHEPP, are expanding the role of HCCs in emergency preparedness capabilities, including disaster response and recovery, monitoring and management of resources, and coordination of emergency medical care. An “HCC” is a group of health care, public health, and public safety organizations that have come together to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and other adverse events in the community. There are good reasons for the hospital community to actively participate in the development of HCCs. The HCC model will assist in coordinating regional health care plans for large-scale disasters and will streamline information flow and promote uniform messaging within and across regions. In addition, there will be closer coordination between the various disciplines that do emergency preparedness work, including hospitals, trauma, and public health.

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Regional HCC Staff Contact Information (excel)

Regional HCC Staff Contact Information
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