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Quality Health Care - A Wisconsin Advantage

Wisconsin health care is promoted as an economic deveopment asset in the latest WEDC newsletter.



2013 Quality ReportWisconsin Hospitals: Improving Quality & Value of Care

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High-Quality, High-Value Health Care --
A Wisconsin Advantage

High quality, accessible care is a hallmark of Wisconsin’s health system.   The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has recognized Wisconsin for five years in row as being one of the top performing states based on the quality of its health care. The Agency analyzed data from a large number of sources that measured the quality of care delivered in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, and home health agencies. 

In a recent interview with Business Facilities magazine, WHA Executive Vice President Eric Borgerding explains why Wisconsin’s high value health care is an advantage for the state’s employers and a good reason for new business to locate in our state.

Wis Hospitals Infection Rates Far Lower than National Levels

The Wisconsin Division of Public Health's annual Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Prevention Program report shows Wisconsin hospitals have dramatically reduced some of the most serious infections to levels that are far lower than the national standard. (Read more)

An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describes successful reduction in the occurrence of hospital infections (Read more)

For more details on Wisconsin’s high national ranking, here are more resources: 

CMS Readmissions Penalties















January 31, 2014: Guest Column: Good Health Care Makes Good Politics (Eric Borgerding, WHA Executive Vice President)

Wisconsin Health Care on the Road to Reform

Eric Borgerding

Eric Borgerding,
WHA Executive President


Reprinted with permission from the WI Farm Bureau Federation’s Rural Route magazine, Aug-Sept. 2013 issue.

Health reform has been in the headlines for months. From the local coffee shop to the hospital board room—conversations are taking place about the impact the law will have in our state.

Quite honestly, Wisconsin health care providers were already well down the road to reforming health care long before it became the law of the land. Wisconsin is nationally recognized for providing some of the highest quality, safest and most accessible patient care in the country. That’s not to say we can’t improve, because we certainly can. With or without health reform, hospitals are focused on improving quality, moderating costs and raising the health status of our communities.

That’s not to say health reform is without challenges or that it won’t bring changes to Wisconsin that we didn’t ask for. But we think Wisconsin is well positioned to manage the coming changes. That’s because Wisconsin has one of the most highly integrated, or coordinated, health care systems in the country. Meaning physicians, hospitals and other care providers work together to make sure that patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. If health care is coordinated, it is less costly, more efficient and delivers better outcomes.

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A Place We Are Not Coming Back From
With or without PPACA, Wisconsin health systems moving forward with value driven "reform"

Eric Borgerding, WHA Executive President

Reprinted with permission from the Wisconsin Business Voice - Official Magazine of Wis. Manufacturers & Commerce, July 2012 issue.

Nearly five years ago, WHA sponsored a full-page ad in major Wisconsin dailies congratulating our members for helping Wisconsin achieve the top spot in the AHRQ quality rankings. Our message then was:

"Congratulations to the leaders and caregivers at Wisconsin’s hospitals for your tireless pursuit of excellence in patient care. Improving health care quality and value is health care reform."

Fast forward to March 25, 2011, and this statement by then WHA Board Chair Nick Turkal in an interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal:

"All the dialogue and all the debate has pushed the (health care) industry in a way that it is not going to come back from…changes around value-based reimbursement are coming, regardless of what happens in D.C., and I think for businesses and consumers that’s a good thing."


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Wisconsin hospitals publicly report information consumers can use:

CheckPoint The source for hospital quality information in Wisconsin.

PricePoint The source for information on Wisconsin hospital pricing.

ServePoint The source for hospital Community Benefit information.


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This ambitious program led by WHA seeks to decrease inpatient harm and reduce readmissions through collaboration and quality improvement.


Quality Report

2012 Quality Report:  Hospitals Reduce Readmissions 15%; Decrease Infections

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