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The late Illinois Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirkson once said, "When I feel the heat, I see the light." It's a great statement on the power of grassroots advocacy, and, it's exactly what WHA is doing through our Hospitals Education & Advocacy Team (HEAT) grassroots program - helping you bring the heat and light on issues directly to your legislators.

Since its inception in 2005, advocates in the HEAT program have helped ENACT important legislation into law! Here are just two of the successes.

  • Medical Liability Caps. HEAT members sent legislators thousands of emails, phone calls and letters, and had dozens upon dozens of meetings with legislators in order to restore a cap on non-economic damages. Their efforts were successful and a cap was enacted into law!
  • Medicaid Funding. HEAT members urged legislators to support important increases in Medicaid reimbursement. Hundreds of millions of dollars in increases were enacted into law.

Not only do HEAT advocates propel legislation forward, they also help STOP harmful legislation like burdensome staffing regulations and harmful Medicaid cuts. You can become part of this positive movement, too!

By being a HEAT advocate you will have access to information, insight, strategy and assistance so you can impact issues affecting your hospital and your communities. When you join HEAT expect to receive legislative fact sheets, action alerts when timely action is needed, the Capitol Connection e-newsletter, our grassroots advocacy toolkit and more. The program is specifically designed to facilitate your grassroots involvement - whether that be writing a letter or coming to WHA's Annual Advocacy Day in Madison - so the voice of hospitals is heard loud and clear by elected officials.

The HEAT program is for hospital employees, trustees and volunteers. It is free of charge to join. Its only requirement is that you care about your hospital and your communities enough to do something about them. Join today!

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