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Supreme Court Upholds Wisconsin’s Non-economic
Damage Cap

Advocacy Work Critical to Success

On June 27, the Supreme Court preserved Wisconsin’s balanced medical liability system that has been instrumental in attracting physicians to communities across Wisconsin, while providing assurance to injured patients that they will receive payment for the full amount of a jury’s award of medical expenses, lost wages, and other economic losses.

WHA President Eric Borgerding noted, “Enacted with bipartisan support and signed by Governor Doyle in 2006, Wisconsin’s balanced system includes a unique guarantee of a full and uncapped payment of awarded economic damages, as well as capped, subjective non-economic damages. As Wisconsin continues to work to address current and future physician workforce shortages, that balanced medical liability system is just as important today as it was in 2006.”

Read the decision, a special edition of Valued Voice reporting on the Court’s rule, WHA’ statement, and more.

Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Program Announces Employer Rate Decrease…Again

Employers in Wisconsin experience over $300 million savings in last two years alone

Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development (DWD) announced last week that Wisconsin employers will see a 6.03% reduction in worker’s compensation premium rates starting October 1, 2018, after dropping by 8.46% in 2017. Worker’s compensation premium rates remain lower in 2018 than they were over a decade ago, with a net annual average change of - 0.88%. Since 2011, the net average annual change has been - 2.04%.

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 Wisconsin Hospitals Leading the Way
Toward Safer Patient Care

Wisconsin’s hospitals have been ranked among the best in the country for safe and satisfying health care, according to a report released March 8 by the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA).

“The delivery of effective, high-quality patient care creates healthy communities where people want to live and work,” according to WHA’s Chief Quality Officer Beth Dibbert. “There is always more work to do, and knowing that our hospitals have a positive effect on people’s lives gives us the encouragement to do even better.”  

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Wisconsin Hospitals are Committed to Quality and Transparency

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Fast Facts
By the Numbers:

General med-surg hospitals:  128
Critical access hospitals:58
LT acute care hospitals: 6
Psychiatric hospitals: 11
Inpatient days (2016): 2,565,519
Outpatient days (2016): 18,743,013

 Wisconsin hospitals employ more than 100,000 people and generate nearly
$30 billion in economic activity.



This Week's Priorities

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APCs: On Sept. 13, WHA will bring together those interested in examining the practice challenges and opportunities for integrated care delivery associated with the use of APCs... (Read more)


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