WHA Member Forum:

A Health Care Leader’s

Role in Tackling the Opioid Abuse Issue

February 25, 2016


WHA Member Forum:

Wisconsin's Best Practices

in Tackling the Opioid Abuse Issue

March 17, 2016


WHA Member Forum:

Drug Diversion from the Health Care Workplace:

A Multiple Victim Crime

April 5, 2016


WHA Member Forum:

Navigating Wisconsin’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

and Controlled Substances Board

April 27, 2016


WHA Member Forum:

HCAHPS, Patient Satisfaction & Opioid Prescribing: Debunking the Myths

Presenters: Kelly Court, Tim Gullingsrud, Patti Patefield, Alison Farley, Trina Sjostrom
June 1, 2016


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