October 24, 2017


Rx for rural Wisconsin: Lifestyle, tuition assistance help attract some practitioners to remote areas of the state  

By: The Country Today Staff | The Country Today | October 23, 2017

Editor’s note: With the national debate continuing over rising health care costs and the future of the Affordable Care Act, The Country Today staff writers dug a little more into some of the issues associated with making health care more affordable and accessible for rural Wisconsinites for this installment of “Country Matters.”

People solidly in the middle class are the ones hurt by Trump's decision on Obamacare

By: Guy Boulton | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | October 23, 2017

Please don’t use my name, the self-employed businesswoman said. Customers might worry that her business is on shaky ground if they knew her situation.

No easy answers for high health care costs  

By: Jim Massey, Editor | The Country Today | October 23, 2017

Karl Pustina, vice president of finance at Upland Hills Health, a nonprofit critical-access hospital in Dodgeville, said it’s not easy to point to one reason that health care costs have gone up.


Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. hospitals

By: Jilian Mincer | Reuters | October 20, 2017

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia (Reuters) - A shortage of nurses at U.S. hospitals hit West Virginia’s Charleston Area Medical Center at the worst possible time.

Nursing shortage hits crisis levels, and immigrant nurses may provide relief—if they could just obtain visas

By: Ilene MacDonald | FierceHealthcare | October 23, 2017

A shortage of experienced nurses has hit the United States, particularly in rural communities, forcing many hospitals in the Midwest to recruit nurses from one another.

Anthem Joins With CVS to Start Its Own Pharmacy Business

By: Reed Abelson | The New York Times | October 18, 2017

Anthem, one of the nation’s major health insurance companies, said on Wednesday that it planned to start its own business to manage prescription drug plans by partnering with CVS Health, the large pharmacy benefit manager and drugstore chain.

Ebola’s Legacy: Children With Cataracts

By: Denise Grady | The New York Times | October 19, 2017

Cataracts usually afflict the old, but doctors in Africa have been shocked to find them in Ebola survivors as young as 5.


Tomah Memorial Occupational Health Clinic to Open Oct. 30

By: Marc Wehrs | La Crosse Tribune | October 18, 2017

TOMAH — Despite a slight delay, officials at Tomah Memorial Hospital are set to open its new Occupational Health & Wellness Clinic in Tomah’s Industrial Park on Oct. 30.