December 26, 2017


Eric Borgerding & Stephanie Harrison: Health care partners call on Congress to address critical health programs

By: Eric Borgerding & Stephanie Harrison | WisPolitics | December 21, 2017

Critical health programs, all of which have bipartisan support, have been fighting for Congressional attention for months.

Walker: Health Insurance Costs To Be Top Issue In 2018  

By: Hope Kirwan | WPR | December 21, 2017

Gov. Scott Walker said he plans to address the rising cost of health insurance in 2018.

Vos says Workers Compensation Bill Won’t Pass

By: The Associated Press | Beloit Daily News | December 20, 2017

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A bill that would add a fee schedule for medical care to Wisconsin's workers compensation law appears to be dead on arrival in the state Assembly.

Obamacare enrollment down slightly in Wisconsin

By: David Wahlberg | Wisconsin State Journal | December 23, 2017

In Wisconsin, 227,572 people signed up for insurance plans on the Affordable Care Act exchange next year, the federal government said Friday.


Obamacare Sign-ups at High Levels Despite Trump Saying It’s ‘Imploding’

By: Robert Pear | The New York Times | December 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said Thursday that 8.8 million people had signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s federal marketplace, a surprisingly large number only slightly lower than the total in the last open enrollment period, which was twice as long and heavily advertised.

Think You’re Seeing More Drug Ads on TV? You Are, and Here’s Why

By: Joanne Kaufman | The New York Times | December 24, 2017

Swelling of legs, hands and feet; capillary leak syndrome; fever; muscle pain; unusual bruising; dizziness, blurry vision; rash; hives; blisters; nervous system and blood disorders; lymphoma; swollen tongue; dry mouth; weight gain; inability to fight infections; nausea, diarrhea; constipation; depression; dehydration; suicidal thoughts.