May 16, 2017


Turkal: The time is now for real health care reform

By: Nick Turkal | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | May 10, 2017

Like so many Americans, I’ve been listening to the ongoing federal health care debate for some time. From my position as CEO of the largest health care system in the state of Wisconsin and as a family physician, I believe it’s time to weigh in on this topic.

It's time to come together to improve health care for residents in Wisconsin

By: Bernie Sherry | The Lakeland Times | May 16, 2017

The Founding Fathers purposely made it difficult for elected officials to enact sweeping legislation. Our Constitution's separation of powers demands coordination and consensus to pass especially meaningful and impactful laws.

Wisconsin ranked the country's best state for nurses

By: Chelsey Lewis | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | May 11, 2017

Nursing is a challenging, demanding profession, but there's no better state to do it than Wisconsin.

Gundersen: Initial overdose hospital visits cost nearly $15,000 apiece

By: Mike Tighe | La Crosse Tribune | May 11, 2017

Treatment for the initial overdoses of less than one-third of the drug patients at Gundersen Health System last year cost nearly $6.2 million, according to a new Gundersen study.

State adds pill, keeps Suboxone film, for Medicaid addiction treatment

By: David Wahlberg | Wisconsin State Journal | May 11, 2017

Wisconsin’s Medicaid program will cover a pill form of an addiction treatment drug, in addition to Suboxone film strips — a move sheriffs say might decrease smuggling of the film into jails but doesn’t fulfill their request to stop covering the film.

Controlling health care costs appears lost in latest debate over insurance plans

By: Tom Still | Wisconsin State Journal | May 14, 2017

Just across Wisconsin’s southwest border in the Iowa city of Dubuque, about 1,000 people showed up Tuesday night for a town hall meeting with U.S. Rep. Rod Blum, a Republican software company owner who represents northeast Iowa in the House of Representatives.

Dean patients soon will be able to see their doctor's notes

By: David Wahlberg | Wisconsin State Journal | May 13, 2017

With electronic records now a mainstay of medicine, most patients can easily look up their lab results, medication orders and immunization records.

Awake under the knife: More patients opting to stay conscious during surgery

By: David Wahlberg | Wisconsin State Journal | May 14, 2017

As Dr. Abhishek Julka sliced into the base of Mikaela Rueter's palm, the Madison woman, unlike most patients undergoing carpal tunnel surgery, was wide awake.

Rural hospital spokesman says health legislation 'would not be a pretty picture'

By: Steve Rundio | The Tomah Journal | May 9, 2017

Health care legislation passed last week by the House of Representatives “would not be a pretty picture” if enacted into law, a representative of Wisconsin’s rural hospitals said Monday.

Critically ill bonobo needed life-saving care from Children's Hospital staff

By: Meg Jones | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | May 10, 2017

Rainer Gedeit got the urgent page while running errands — a youngster was critically ill with some sort of respiratory illness.

CDC issues Zika virus recommendations for pregnant women

By: Dave Delozier | Channel 3000 | May 8, 2017

MADISON, Wis. - The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has issued new recommendations for pregnant women and women considering becoming pregnant who live in or are frequent visitors to areas with Zika virus transmission.


Wisconsin's Ron Johnson joins effort to fix House health care bill

By: Craig Gilbert | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | May 11, 2017

WASHINGTON - As Senate Republicans struggle in the many weeks ahead to agree on a health care bill, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson says he intends to be in the thick of that debate.

WHA, along with several members, met with U.S. Senators Johnson, Baldwin on May 9, 2017. Read WHA Valued Voice article here.

Paul Ryan touts Wisconsin high-risk insurance pool to counter attacks on House bill

By: Guy Boulton | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | May 15, 2017

Whether it’s diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer or any number of other medical problems, nearly everyone either has a pre-existing medical condition or knows someone who does.

Proposed Medicaid Section 1115 Waivers in Maine and Wisconsin

By: MaryBeth Musumeci, Elizabeth Hinton and Robin Rudowitz | Kaiser Family Foundation | May 10, 2017

While Congress continues to consider repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as well as fundamental changes to the structure and funding of the Medicaid program, states and the Administration may achieve major changes to Medicaid through the use of Section 1115 Medicaid waivers.

Hospitals remain key targets as ransomware attacks expected to increase

By: Gillian Mohney | ABC News | May 15, 2017

The massive cyberattack this weekend that used “Wannacry” ransomware to infiltrate hundreds of thousands of computers has left organizations around the world – including medical care providers – on high alert.