Hospitals are on the front line of health care and emergency response. The ability to manage emergency response plans quickly and efficiently requires considerable collaboration. To facilitate this collaboration, Wisconsin is divided into seven regional healthcare emergency readiness coalitions (“HERCs”) or health care coalitions (“HCCs”). An “HERC” or “HCC” is a group of individual health care and response organizations in a defined geographic area that work together to assist with large-scale emergencies. The HERC ensures that each member has the medical equipment and supplies, real-time information, communication systems, and personnel needed to respond to emergencies.

The HERC coordinates regional emergency response plans for large-scale disasters and streamlines information flow during the crisis. Within the HERCs are medical coordination centers, which collate and disseminate information and coordinate patient movement, equipment movement, and technical assistance during a disaster. Members all have the same goal of using this information to present a uniform and unified response and to support their communities before, during, and after a health-related crisis.



Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program

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Andrew Brenton

Assistant General Counsel