Moving Toward High Reliability: Steps to Success with Action Planning for HIIN Hospitals
June 14, 2017
Glacier Canyon Lodge at The Wilderness Resort, Wis. Dells

The Great Lakes Partners for Patients is offering this one-day event for senior leaders and quality managers, to engage in a learning session and peer-to-peer networking around topics and tactics for moving toward high reliability. During this session, attendees will walk through strategies for successful action planning.

Important: The High Reliability event is free of charge for HIIN hospitals to attend, although each participant is responsible for their own travel, meals and lodging expenses. Federal guidelines prohibit WHA from providing any food or beverage, including coffee or other refreshments, at this event.

WHA Emergency Preparedness Conference
September 20, 2017
Sheraton Madison Hotel, Madison 

This one-day conference features national experts who will share lessons learned from real world events and focus on current threats facing health care organizations, including workplace and community violence and highly infectious diseases. Attendees have the opportunity to collect strategies to enhance emergency management programs and integrate those preparedness and communication strategies into daily operations.

WHA Contact:

Jennifer Frank

Vice President

Education and Marketing



For registration questions contact:

Kayla Chatterton

Education Coordinator