WHA Sponsors WisconsinEye Candidate Interviews

WisEye Election Coverage 2016 features hundreds of interviews, full election coverage 

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MADISON (August 11, 2016) -----With the primary results in, the field has now narrowed and Wisconsin’s November 8 general election is just three months away. To help educate the public on the candidates running for office statewide, WisconsinEye, our state’s version of C-SPAN, has launched a free video player providing the state’s most extensive coverage of Wisconsin legislative races.

To help support this important public service of WisconsinEye, the Wisconsin Hospital Association is sponsoring WisconsinEye’s 2016 candidate interviews. Watch the interviews here:

"For nearly 100 years, WHA has been an advocate of high-quality health care in Wisconsin. Decisions are made every day in the state capitol that affect how many doctors and nurses we will have, about public policy that affects access to our high-quality care and whether the state will transfer the cost of government health care programs onto families and employers,” WHA President/CEO Eric Borgerding says in a taped introduction posted on the online player. "It’s important that we know where the candidates stand on important issues such as health care. That is why WHA is proud to sponsor WisconsinEye’s coverage and interviews with all candidates for elected office.” (To watch Borgerding’s intro, go to

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The WisconsinEye interviews include statewide races, Congressional races and state legislative races with new candidate interviews added nearly daily. In addition to candidate interviews and news conferences, interviews with campaign insiders and analysts will round out the coverage between August and the inauguration of election winners in January 2017.

WHA is one of four sponsors that are underwriting the cost of the live and archived coverage that will be streamed through a digital video player. The other sponsors are Wisconsin Counties Association, League of Wisconsin Municipalities and 5 Nines.

Campaign 2016 is a partnership between WisconsinEye and the Gannett family of online news sites in Wisconsin, including its flagship, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Programming can be watched on the video player available at,, or any of the 11 Gannett Wisconsin websites.