2011 Global Vision Award Winners

The WHA Foundation has selected The Fowler Memorial Free Dental Clinic, nominated by Monroe Clinic; and the Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership, nominated by St. Joseph's Hospital, as the recipients of the 2011 Global Vision Community Partnership Award.

"The Fowler Memorial Free Dental Clinic" (FMFDC) was conceived in 2005 as a result of the Green County Healthy Communities Coalition community health assessment. That assessment clearly showed a lack of dental services for those unable to pay for dental care and those covered by Medicaid. The outcome was the creation of the FMFDC to address dental emergencies for children between the ages of three and 12 who live in Green County. Dental equipment was donated by the family of the late Dr. Don Fowler, a local dentist, and clinic space is provided by the Green County Health Department. Several local pharmacies provide medications at minimum or no cost, and a referral relationship for restorative and preventive care has been established with the Federal Qualified Health Center in Darlington. Since opening in 2009, FMFDC has served 374 patients, providing 1,692 dental treatments, and decreased the number of pediatric dental emergencies by 83%.

The "Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership" (CHIP) is a collaborative community endeavor that serves as a catalyst for the enhancement of health and quality of life through educational and preventive initiatives in and around Chippewa Falls. CHIP serves as the umbrella for their community's health-related agencies, organizations, services and resources. For the past 17 years, CHIP has initiated and guided endeavors resulting in improvements in education, access to medical and dental care, quality childcare, transportation, employment opportunities, fall and safety prevention, substance abuse prevention, health literacy, community education and more. Governed by a steering committee of 20 community members, CHIP's many action teams of community representatives identify the health priorities and goals of area residents and utilize evidence-based strategies and innovative approaches to meeting the identified needs and facilitate collaborative activities directed at improving health status. St. Joseph's Hospital serves at the primary host of CHIP, providing financial support, employment of its director, office space and more.