All columns are written by WHA President Steve Brenton, unless otherwise indicated.

12-28-12: President’s Column: Results

12-21-12: President’s Column: Business Journal Mark Kass Interviews Borgerding

12-7-12: President’s Column: Hosptial Costs, Wisconsin Competiveness and Cost Shifting

11-30-12: President’s Column: La Crosse Tribune Editorial

11-21-12: President’s Column: Wisconsin's Improving Fiscal Health

11-16-12: President’s Column: Medicare Cuts Part of Looming Fiscal Cliff

11-9-12: President’s Column: What do Election Results Mean for Wisconsin?

11-2-12: Guest Column: Medicare Audit Legislation an Important Step Forward (By Jenny Boese and Brian Potter, WHA)

10-19-12: President’s Column: Our View: Region's health care worth promoting

10-12-12: President’s Column: Washington Panel Describes Health Care Future that Looks a Lot Like Wisconsin

10-5-12: President’s Column: Bipartisan Group Quietly Working to Avoid "Fiscal Cliff" and Delay Medicare Cuts

9-28-12: President’s Column: Ryan Explains Harsh Reality to AARP

9-21-12: President’s Column: "Let's Blame the Providers" Makes Medicare Cuts Palatable for Some

9-7-12: President’s Column: A Case of Health Care

8-31-12: President’s Column: Our View: Wisconsin a leader in medical care

8-24-12: President’s Column: Will Increased Coverage Result in Lower Uncompensated Care? Perhaps Not

8-17-12: President’s Column: Ryan Selection Means Medicare in the (Hot) Spotlight

8-10-12: President’s Column: Access to Physicians Reaffirmed as Major Challenge…Potential Impediment to Reforming Health Care

8-3-12: President’s Column: Defense Trumping Medicare--and the Clock is Ticking...

7-13-12: President’s Column: July 13, 2012--Time to Take a Deep Breath

7-6-12: Guest Column: The Court Speaks, and Wisconsin Wonders (By Eric Borgerding)

6-15-12: President’s Column: June 15, 2012--"Protect Hospital Care" Advocacy Initiative

6-15-12: Guest Column: Access to Health Care (By William Petasnick and Joy Tapper)

6-8-12: President’s Column: June 5, 2012--Permanent Election Cycle at Mid-Point

6-1-12: President’s Column: June 5--All Eyes on Wisconsin

5-25-12: President’s Column: Wisconsin Health News, 5/18/12

5-18-12: President’s Column: Health Reform: 24 Months Later...On the Brink

5-11-12: President’s Column: Radiological Procedures Added to WHA's PricePoint Website

5-4-12: Guest Column: Meeting Child Health Needs (By Karen Ordinans, Executive Director, Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin)

5-4-12: Guest Column: A Place We are Not Coming Back From (By Eric Borgerding, WHA Executive Vice President)

4-27-12: President’s Column: A Tale of Two States -- Fiscal Sustainability vs. Fiscal Catastrophe

4-13-12: President’s Column: WHA Member Acknowledgements . . . Past and Present

4-6-12: President’s Column: Top Legislative Session Health Law, IPAB vs. Premium Support, Shocking Ignorance and the Cost of Public Employee Benefits. . .

4-6-12: Guest Column: It's Time to Challenge Mental Health Policy that is Slowing Holistic Treatment" (By Jerry L. Halvorson, MD, President-Elect, Wisconsin Psychiatric Association, and Matthew Stanford, JD, VP, Wisconsin Hospital Association)

4-6-12: Guest Column: Why I Support Advocacy Day (By Therese Pandl, President HSHS Eastern Division, including St. Vincent Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital in Green Bay and St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan)

4-6-12: Guest Column: Rankings Provide Key Information for Creating Healthy Communities" (By Dean Gruner, President and CEO, ThedaCare)

3-30-12: Guest Column: Community Health Needs Assessment: What's On Board and What's "Over Board?" (By David Edquist, Attorney, von Briesen & Roper, s.c.)

3-30-12: Guest Column: Why I Support Advocacy Day (By Nick Turkal, President & CEO, Aurora Health Care and immediate past WHA Board Chair)

3-23-12: President’s Column: AARP is MIA on Long-term Medicare Sustainability

3-16-12: President’s Column: Upper Midwest Shines in First Ever National Report Card

3-16-12: Guest Column: Why I Support Advocacy Day (By Brian Kief, President, Ministry St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield)

3-16-12: Guest Column: HRSA Issues Program Notice Addressing Ongoing 340B Program Audits (By Todd Nova, Attorney, Hall Render Killian Heath and Lyman)

2-24-12: President’s Column: SGR Fire Drill Symptom of Broken Medicare FFS System

2-24-12: Guest Column: Why I Attend Advocacy Day (By Sandy Anderson, WHA Chair, President, St. Clare Hospital, Baraboo)

2-17-12: President’s Column: President Obama Piles on - Budget Takes Multiple Whacks at Hospital Piñata

2-17-12: Guest Column: WHA Releases Workforce Report (By Judy Warmuth, WHA Vice President, Workforce Development)

2-10-12: President’s Column: Hospitals Have Become the Medicare Piñata

1-27-12: President’s Column: Hospital Associations’ Letter to President Obama to "fix" Wage Index Manipulation

1-13-12: President’s Column: Partners for Patients Initiative...Key 2012 Priority