Escaping Violent Encounters Instructor Course


Monday, May 23, 2022-Friday, May 27, 2022

Reedsburg Ambulance

Reedsburg, WI

Program Description

The DT4EMS/ EVE Instructor Course is a “Doctor Approved”, medically directed 40-hour course. It is both physically and mentally demanding. We strongly suggest candidates evaluate their physical limitations prior to attending the course.

The first portion of the course will be discipline specific EVE4HP or EVE4EMS/Fire Course modeled by the EVENT (EVE National Trainers). The 8 or 16 hours modeled, may be a review for those who have attended EVE course in the past. While there is no requirement to have attended an EVE course in the past, instructor candidates must attend the entire 40 hour offering.

After a modeling of the course, the participants will be presented with DT4EMS’ unique  “how- to” teaching style of our Escaping Violent Encounters (E.V.E.). Lastly, participants are given homework assignments for student teaching. After each presentation by the instructor-candidates, feedback is provided by instructors and peers.

In our experience this gives the instructor candidate the tools necessary to prepare for teaching E.V.E. at their agency.

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To register, please contact:

Josh Kowalke
608-524-3074 x3

Program Objectives

The DT4EMS Instructor course is a 40-hour, discipline specific course consisting of the following:

•   Setting up the proper learning environment
•   Basic lecture skills
•   Teaching the skills of DT4EMS’ EVE
•   Recognizing and teaching different types of students
•   Safety concerns/practices
•   Practical evaluation skills
•   PowerPoint Presentation Skills that won’t cause death
•   Use of A/V Aids
•   History of DT4EMS
•   Understanding the need for culture change
•   Teaching reasonable levels of force
•   Documentation training
•   Teaching Mental Prep for the Violent Encounter
•   Setting up and conducting scenario based training
•   Proficiency training in the drills and skills taught in the EVE Courses.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who aspire to teach others the knowledge and techniques needed to escape violent encounters in their work environments. 


$1,499 - All Course Materials Included