SHIP Bag Lunch Webinar Series

Session 2: How Does Your Hospital Stack up Against Its Peers: A Focus on Quality Metrics

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
12:00 PM-12:30 PM



Program Description

In an effort to help our rural hospitals grow and expand their data programs, the WHA Information Center (WHAIC), in collabation the the WHA Quality Department and the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health (WORH), have develope a suite of web-based dashboards that includes utilization, financial and quality information for rural hospitals. The Rural Health Deshboards are available as an option to select through the SHIP Grant. The Rural Health Dashboards use WHAIC discharge data, hospital survey data,and quality metrics to display information in an easy to interpret and visually enhance format. The dashboards are completely interactive, so the user has the ability to customze the view for their individual needs. In this session, we invite you to provide input on, and give improvemetn ideas to, the Quality Suite of dashbaords. We want to make these work fo ryou!

Program Objectives

After participating in the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify patterns, relationships, anomalies, and trends in services, patient populations and other factors.
  • Explore market opportunities and patterns for key services
  • Analyze quality metrics

Who Should Attend

All eligible and current SHIP grant recipients.


This webinar is complimentary.