Mission, Vision & Values


The Wisconsin Hospital Association's mission is advocating for the ability of its members to lead in the provision of high-quality, affordable and accessible health care services, resulting in healthier Wisconsin communities.


The Association's vision is based on actively pursuing the following objectives:

  • Making advocacy and representation WHA's highest priority
  • Advocating for the identification and implementation of initiatives that contribute to improved community health
  • Serving as a forum to discuss diverse points of view and seek consensus on how best to meet societal and member needs
  • Providing education and training on issues relating to regulatory compliance, management, clinical improvement, and other matters that enable members to achieve their missions
  • Taking a leadership role in fostering a climate of collaboration, respect, and interdependency between the various providers of health care
  • Offering value added services that meet membership needs through the Association and its subsidiaries
The mission/vision statements clearly lay out the charge of the Association and accurately reflect member needs in the 21st century.


WHA is committeed to the following values:

Advocacy – achieving excellence by being responsive, knowledgeable, influential, impactful and relevant.
Integrity – honoring the trust of our members and partners by practicing wise stewardship of resources and influence.
Foresight – anticipating, understanding and responding to the rapid pace of health care change and industry transformation.
Relationships – appreciating the value of strategic partnerships to advance our agenda and those priorities shared with key partners.
Leadership – striving to be the most proactive, respected and difference-making voice in health care policy and advocacy.