Excerpt from Chapter 2

There is no limit to the positive role you can have in the legislative process. While knowledge and expertise are powerful, they alone may not win the day. Establishing relationships with legislators and serving as a trusted resource to them can. In other words, expanding your sphere of influence is essential to legislative success. Good politics depends on ongoing ties with both your legislators and their staffs.

Tips on Getting to Know Legislators/Staff

If you don't know your legislators, introduce yourself and your hospital. Provide legislators with any relevant information they may find useful, ask to set up an introduction meeting with the legislator or offer them a tour of your hospital.….

Tips on Events Where You Can Interact with Legislators

There are a wide variety of ways to interact with your legislators:

  • Arrange a lunch, dinner or reception and invite your legislator to present on what is happening legislatively in the Capitol

  • Invite lawmakers to visit/tour your hospital

  • Recognize your legislator's activities through your hospital or employee newsletters

  • Award a particularly responsive legislator with a certificate or plaque

  • Identify certain press venues which are appropriate vehicles to invite your legislator to…..