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On December 20, 2013, Governor Scott Walker signed into law Special Session bill AB1 which will: 

  • delay until April 1, 2014, disenrollment from Medicaid of adults with income >100% FPL
  • delay until April 1, 2014 enrollment into Medicaid of new childless adults with income <100%FPL
  • delay sunset of the HIRSP program to March 31, 2014.

During the week of February 17, DHS began sending notices to current Medicaid recipients who will be disenrolled as of April 1. A template of this letter can be found here.  

Questions can be sent directly to DHS at dhshealthcare@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

DHS has released the following information about these changes:

New: Updates from CMS for Enrollment Assisters -- DHS has provided its partner agencies with several updates on application changes. Special enrollment periods and other eligibility related topics.

--Description of updates
--Exchange New Functionality PPT

DHS Call Center Script

DHS has released a call center script.  DHS developed this script for their Regional call centers.  The script may be useful to your certified application counselors in answering questions from current members and other individuals who are seeking health care through BadgerCare Plus or HealthCare.gov. 

As you will see in the script, DHS plans to update their ACCESS website as of February 3 allowing childless adults to apply for health care benefits that begin on April 1, 2013. 

DHS also has sent letters to current basic plan members, informing them that they could continue to pay premiums and stay on the basic plan through March 31, 2014.  Here is a link to the letter: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/em/CustomerHelp/bpcletters/Letter-4A.pdf.

DHS has indicated they are working on a plan for communication with transitioning members to inform them of the 3-month delay (pending final approval by the Senate and CMS).  We will continue to gather details about their plans as available and will provide you with updates. 

If you have any questions, please send them to dhshealthcare@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

Provider Reports Available

DHS is making available reports to providers of BadgerCare Plus members who are expected to be disenrolled and need to transition to other coverage. Providers may now begin requesting these lists. The list will include members for whom the Provider had a paid claim within the past 14 months. In order to request the list, please see the instructions from the Department.

DHS Resources

Visit the following website for DHS information:

PowerPoint Presentations Announcing Outreach Plans: