December 23, 2015
Volume 59, Issue 51

Wisconsin Hospitals State PAC & Conduit Campaign Sets New Record

The 2015 Wisconsin Hospitals PAC and Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit campaign has exceeded the 2015 goal by raising $270,440. This total reflects the financial contributions of 332 individuals who contributed an average of $814. This total is an increase of $3,000 over last year’s record total and more than $13,000 over the 2013 Campaign. 

The average contribution this year of $814 is an all-time high over previous years. Driving this higher average is growth in contributors in the $1000 and above categories. The Platinum Club so far includes 65 members. This compares to 49 in 2011, 56 in 2012 and 69 in 2013 and 2014. The Platinum Club recognizes those who have contributed $1,500 or more in a calendar year. 

Even though 2015 was a non-election year, the Wisconsin Hospitals PAC was still busy hosting six candidate events around the state for both Democrats and Republicans and disbursing nearly $200,000 to candidate campaigns this year. Since 2001, nearly $2.9 million has been raised and nearly that much has been disbursed to campaigns of both parties through the Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit and Wisconsin Hospitals PAC. 

“What is particularly great about this achievement is the goal was met in a non-election year when fundraising is typically more difficult,” according to 2015 Advocacy Committee Chair Ed Harding. “Our leaders really stepped up in 2015. This record achievement was possible thanks to them and to each of the 332 individuals who participated in 2015!” (See list of contributors below.)

The 2016 Advocacy Committee, chaired by 2015 WHA Chair Therese Pandl, will meet in early spring to help determine next year’s goal. If you are interested in more information about the Advocacy Committee, please contact WHA’s Jodi Bloch at 608-217-9508.

The final 2015 list of contributors will be published in The Valued Voice January 8. For more information, contact WHA’s Jodi Bloch at 608-217-9508, or Jenny Boese at 608-274-1820,

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Contributors Ranging from $1 - $499  
Aittama, Craig Ministry - St. Michael's Hospital
Alstad, Nancy Fort HealthCare
Anderson, Phil Sacred Heart Hospital
Appleby, Jane Aurora Health Care
Arnett, Eugene Aurora Health Care
Ballentine, Anne Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Bayer, Tom St. Vincent Hospital
Bard, Jeffrey Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh
Bisterfeldt, Joan Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Bollig, Dale SSM - St. Mary's Hospital
Braun, James Flambeau Hospital
Brisch, Donald Holy Family Memorial
Bunten, Sherry Aspirus Langlade Hospital
Cardinal, Lori Agnesian HealthCare
Carlson, Dan Aurora - Bay Area Medical Center
Carter, Shane Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh
Clark, Julie HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Clark, Renee Fort HealthCare
Cliffe Kucharski, Elizabeth Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Collins, Sherry Wisconsin Hospital Association
Colman, Gerard Aurora Health Care
Coniff, Barbara HSHS - St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center
Coopman, Dianne St. Mary's Janesville Hospital
Cormier, Laura Bellin Hospital
Culotta, Jennifer St. Clare Hospital & Health Svcs
Curran-Meuli, Jane Holy Family Memorial
Danner, Forrest Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Davidson, Lisa Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association
Dettman, Amy Bellin Hospital
Donlon, Marcia Holy Family Memorial
Dube, Troy Chippewa Valley Hospital
Dufek, Nancy Memorial Medical Center, Ashland
Dux, Larry Froedtert & MCW Community Mem. Hosp
Dwyer, Maxine SSM - St. Mary's Hospital
Elliott, Erin UW Hospital & Clinics
Evans, Kim Bellin Hospital
Ewald, Sandra Aurora Health Care
Feeney, John Community Health Network, Inc.
Fielding, Laura Holy Family Memorial
Freitag, Vanessa                       Our Lady of Victory Hospital
Gagnon, Annette HSHS - Eastern Wisconsin Division
Gajeski, Lynn St. Vincent Hospital
Groskreutz, Kevin Sacred Heart Hospital
Grundstrom, David Flambeau Hospital
Gullicksrud, Lynn Sacred Heart Hospital
Gutsch, Mike Cumberland Healthcare
Hafeman, Paula St. Vincent Hospital
Halida, Cheryl HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Harasim, Edward Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Harrington, Kathleen Mayo Health System - Eau Claire
Helgeson, Jason HSHS - Eastern Wisconsin Division
Hernandez, Terri HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Herzog, Sarah Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Hofer, John Bay Area Medical Center
Hupf, Angela Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics, Inc.
Jelle, Laura St. Clare Hospital & Health Services
Karow, Deb Ministry - Howard Young Medical Center
Kaufmann, Marilyn Holy Family Memorial
Kelsey Foley, Kathy Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Kempen, Jacob Aspirus Wausau Hospital
King, Vivian Aurora Health Care
Klay, Chris HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Klay, Lois HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Knutzen, Barbara Agnesian HealthCare
Koebke, Troy Bellin Hospital
Krueger, Kari St. Mary's Janesville Hospital
Kruse, Joe Mayo Health System - Franciscan Healthcare La Crosse
LaBarge, Margie Ministry Health Care
Lampman, Sandra St. Mary's Hospital
Leschke, John Mercy Medical Center
Lineberry, Timothy Aurora BayCare Medical Center - Green Bay
Lynch, Sue Mayo Health System - Franciscan HC
Markgraf, Janelle Aspirus Langlade Hospital
Maurer, Mary Holy Family Memorial
Mays, Laura Stoughton Hospital Association
McArdle, PeggyAnn Agnesian HealthCare
McMeans, Scott Holy Family Memorial
Mercer, Carla Reedsburg Area Medical Center
Merrick, Marianne SSM - St. Mary's Hospital
Miller, Thomas Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Monahan, Jane Monroe Clinic
Moon-Mogush, Cindy Aurora Health Care
Nevers, Rick Aspirus, Inc.
Nicklaus, Todd Aspirus, Inc.
Norell, Brett Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
O'Hara, Tiffanie Sundial Software
Olson, Bonnie Sacred Heart Hospital
Ordinans, Karen Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Ostrander, Gail HSHS - Eastern Wisconsin Division
Palecek, Steve HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Peck, Lori Aspirus, Inc.
Peiffer, Susan Sacred Heart Hospital
Pempek, Kalynn Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Penovich, Carrie Aurora Medical Center - Two Rivers
Pritchard, Paul Prevea Health/HSHS
Radke, Chad Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Range, Bonnie Holy Family Memorial
Revnew, Dorothy ProHealth Care - Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital
Richman, Tim Affinity Health - Calumet Medical Center
Riddle, Roberta Rusk County Memorial Hospital
Risley-Gray, Ruth Aspirus, Inc.
Rocheleau, John Bellin Health
Roethle, Linda Bellin Memorial Hospital
Roundy, Ann Columbus Community Hospital
Rudquist, Debra Amery Hospital & Clinic
Sanicola, Suzanne Columbia St. Mary's Inc.
Schaetzl, Ron SSM - St. Clare Hospital & Health Services
Schneider, David Aspirus Langlade Hospital
Sciuti, Jennifer Aurora Health Care
Selle, Ginger St. Clare Hospital & Health Services
Sheehan, Heather Hayward Area Memorial Hospital
Sio, Tim Wheaton Franciscan - All Saints
Stamas, Peter Ministry Health Care
Statz, Darrell Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
Stelzer, Jason St. Clare Hospital & Health Services
Strobel, Victoria Marshfield Clinic
Sullivan, Anne Memorial Medical Center, Ashland
Swanson, Kaitlin HSHS - Eastern WI Division
Tandberg, Ann HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Tapper, Joy Milwaukee Health Care Partnership
Theiler, Brian Gundersen Tri-County Hospitals & Clinics 
Thornton, Eric SSM - St. Mary's Janesville Hospital
Van Abel, Lois Bellin Hospital
Vergos, Katherine Agnesian - Ripon Medical Center
Voelker, Thomas Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Waldoch, Timothy Columbia St. Mary's Inc.
Walker, Troy St. Clare Hospital & Health Services
Werkheiser, Cindy Monroe Clinic
Wheeler, Susan St. Nicholas Hospital
Whitinger, Margaret Agnesian HealthCare
Wipperfurth, Kay Fort HealthCare
Wold, Gwen Amery Regional Medical Center
Zeller, Brad Hayward Area Memorial Hospital
Contributors Ranging from $500 - $999  
Bagnall, Andrew St. Nicholas Hospital
Bailet, Jeffrey Aurora Health Care
Brenny, Terrence Stoughton Hospital
Busch, Rebbeca Spooner Health System
Byrne, Frank  
Cadieux, Marc Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Deich, Faye HSHS - Sacred Heart Hospital
Dexter, Donn Mayo Health System - Eau Claire
Dicus-Johnson, Coreen Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Dietsche, James Bellin Hospital
Dolohanty, Naomi Aurora Health Care
Elmer, Paula Monroe Clinic
Ericson, Allen Froedtert & MCW HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital Campus
Ervin, Bradley Beloit Health System 
Frangesch, Wayne Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Freimund, Rooney Bay Area Medical Center
Furlong, Marian Hudson Hospital & Clinics
Gille, Larry HSHS - St. Vincent Hospital
Golanowski, Marie Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
Goldberg, David Froedtert & MCW Community Memorial Hospital Campus
Gormican, John Agnesian HealthCare
Graebner, David Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
Graul, Mark Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Gustafson, Andy SSM Health Care-Wisconsin
Hamilton, Mark UW Hospitals and Clinics
Hartberg, David  Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospital & Clinics
Heaney, Dwight Fort HealthCare 
Huys, Geoffrey Ministry Health Care
Jablonski, James Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Jacobson, Terry St. Mary’s Hospital of Superior
Jensema, Christine HSHS-Eastern Wisconsin Division
Joyner, Ken Bay Area Medical Center
Kersten, Juliet Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Kingston, Mary Beth Aurora Health Care
Kirsch, Jennifer Gundersen Health System
Kluesner, Kevin Columbia St. Mary's
Kneiser, Patti Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Korom, Nancy Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Kostroski, Sharon Ministry - St. Joseph's Hospital
Krueger, Mary Ministry - St. Clare's Hospital
Lange, George Westgate Medical Group, CSMCP
Larson, Margaret Mercy Medical Center
Latta, Richard Godfrey & Kahn, SC 
Lindberg, Steve Mayo Clinic Health System - Red Cedar
Kellar, Rick Aurora Health Care
May, Carol Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital
McNally, Maureen Froedtert & MCW
Mugan, James Agnesian HealthCare
Mulder, Doris Beloit Health System 
Nelson, James Fort HealthCare
O’Day, Thomas Godfrey & Kahn, SC
Oland, Charisse Rusk County Memorial Hospital
Ose, Peggy Riverview Hospital Association 
Ouimet, Mary Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Peterson, Douglas Chippewa Valley Hospital
Pollard, Dennis Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Quinn, George Wisconsin Hospital Association
Reardon, Brian Hospital Sisters Health System
Richards, Theresa Ministry - St. Joseph's Hospital
Richardson, Todd Aspirus, Inc.
Rocole, Theresa Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Roesler, Bruce The Richland Hospital
Rohrbach, Dan Southwest Health Center
Rude, Nels The Kammer Group
Rutkowski, Jennifer Grant Regional Health Center
Schmitz, Bonnie Agnesian HealthCare
Schnedler, Lisa Upland Hills Health
Schubring, Randy Mayo Health System - Eau Claire
Sczygelski, Sidney Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Seitz, Verna ProHealth Care, Inc.
Selberg, Heidi HSHS-Eastern Wisconsin Division
Shabino, Charles Wisconsin Hospital Association
Shorter, Tom Godfrey & Kahn, SC
Simaras, Jim Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Sisney, Mary Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Smith, Gregory Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Spencer, Paul Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Stern, Robert Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Strasser, Kathy Aspirus, Inc.
Stuart, Philip Tomah Memorial Hospital
Swiderski, Julie Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Teigen, Seth St. Mary’s Hospital 
Thurmer, DeAnn Waupun Memorial Hospital
Van Court, Bernie Bay Area Medical Center
Van Meeteren, Bob Reedsburg Area Medical Center
Yaron, Rachel Ministry St. Clare’s Hospital
Zenk, Ann Ministry St. Mary’s Hospital
Contributors Ranging from $1,000 - $1,499  
Ashenhurst, Karla Ministry Health Care
Bagemihl, Katherine Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Bakkum, Kyle Vernon Memorial Healthcare
Bedwell, Elizabeth Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Bowers, Brenda Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Brenton, Andrew Wisconsin Hospital Association 
Colpaert, Gary Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Connors, Larry St. Mary's & St. Vincent Hospital
Cullen-Schultz, Jeannie JP Cullen & Sons
Gallucci, Vince Ministry Health Care
Garcia Thomas, Cristy Aurora Health Care
Geraghty, Tricia Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Gorelick, Marc Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Griffin, Greg  
Gullingsrud, Tim Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Nursing Home
Gunn, Veronica Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Gutzeit, Michael Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Hanus, Andrew Aurora Health Care
Hart, Shelly Aurora Health Care
Just, Lisa Aurora Health Care-South Region
Killoran, Carrie Aurora Health Care
Lentz, Darrell Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Lepore, Michael Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Lewis, Jonathan St. Mary's Hospital 
Lindberg, Steve Mayo Clinic Health System - Red Cedar
McCawley, Thomas Beloit Health System
McGowan, Kathryne Aspirus, Inc.
Nelson, David HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital
Punzenberger, Lindsay Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin 
Radoszewksi, Pat Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Rakowski, Mark Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Reynolds, Sheila Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin 
Rickelman, Debbie WHA Information Center
Robertstad, John ProHealth Care - Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital
Roller, Rachel Aurora Health Care
Rush, Steven Wisconsin Hospital Association
Sanders, Robert Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Sato, Thomas Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Schafer, Michael Spooner Health System
Schmidt, Cheryl Affinity Health - St. Elizabeth Hospital
Shanahan, Thomas Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Simaras, Jim Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Swanson, Kerry St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital
White-Jacobs, Mary Beth          Black River Memorial Hospital
Woleske, Chris Bellin Hospital
Wolf, Edward Lakeview Medical Center
Zenk, Ann Ministry - Sacred Heart-St. Mary's Hospital
Contributors Ranging from $1,500 - $1,999  
Anderson, Layton Ministry - St. Joseph's Hospital
Bloch, Jodi Wisconsin Hospital Association
Buck, Cathy Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Clapp, Nicole Grant Regional Health Center 
Coffman, Joan HSHS - St. Joseph's Hospital
Court, Kelly Wisconsin Hospital Association 
Decker, Michael Divine Savior Healthcare 
Dotson, Jason Beloit Health System
Frank, Jennifer Wisconsin Hospital Association 
Grasmick, Mary Kay Wisconsin Hospital Association 
Heywood, Matthew Aspirus, Inc.
Harding, Edward Bay Area Medical Center
Khare, Smriti Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Martin, Jeff Ministry - Saint Michael's Hospital
McKevett, Timothy Beloit Health System
Mohorek, Ronald Ministry Health Care
Natzke, Ryan Marshfield Clinic 
Nauman, Michael Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Olson, David Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
Rozenfeld, Jon St. Mary’s Hospital - Madison
Russell, John Columbus Community Hospital 
Schulze, Connie Ministry Health Care 
Sexton, William Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center
Sheehan, John UW Hospitals and Clinics
Wallace, Michael Fort HealthCare
Contributors Ranging from $2,000 - $2,999  
Alig, Joanne Wisconsin Hospital Association
Andersen, Travis Columbia St. Mary's 
Anderson, Sandy Ministry Health Care
Boese, Jennifer Wisconsin Hospital Association 
Duncan, Robert Children's Hospital & Health System
Geboy, Scott Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman
Hanson, Gail Aurora Health Care
Herzog, Mark Holy Family Memorial
Hilt, Monica St. Elizabeth Hospital
Kachelski, Joe WI Statewide Health Info Network 
Kief, Brian Ministry - St. Joseph's Hospital
Leitch, Laura Hall Render
Levin, Jeremy Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative 
Lewis, Gordon Burnett Medical Center 
Manas, Julie HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital
Meyer, Daniel Aurora BayCare Medical Ctr Green Bay
Oliverio, John Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Pandl, Therese HSHS-Eastern Wisconsin Division
Potter, Brian Wisconsin Hospital Association
Potts, Dennis Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
Sanders, Michael Monroe Clinic 
Sliwinski, Ron UW Hospitals and Clinics
Stanford, Matthew Wisconsin Hospital Association
Troy, Peggy Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Contributors Ranging from $3,000 - $4,999  
Boatwright, Damond SSM Health Care-Wisconsin
Jacobson, Catherine Froedtert & The MCW 
Kammer, Peter The Kammer Group
Kerwin, George Bellin Hospital
Little, Steve Agnesian Health Care
Mettner, Michelle Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin 
Neufelder, Dan Ministry Health Care
Normington, Jeremy Mercy Medical Center
O’Brien, Kyle Wisconsin Hospital Association
Standridge, Deb Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
Starmann-Harrison, Mary  Hospital Sisters Health System
Turkal, Nick Aurora Health Care
Contributors Ranging from $5,000 - $9,999  
Brenton, Stephen Wisconsin Hospital Association
Size, Tim Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
Contributors Ranging $10,000+  
Borgerding, Eric & Dana   Wisconsin Hospital Association
Tyre, Scott Capitol Navigators, Inc.

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New Legislator Profile: James Edming (R-Glen Flora)
Edming: Hospitals Vital to Rural Communities

It is clear the moment you meet Rep. James “Jimmy Boy” Edming that he is proud to live in Northern Wisconsin. As a small business owner, Edming is personally and professionally invested in the economic development of the Northwoods. As a member of the Rusk County Memorial Hospital Board, he also knows how important high-quality, accessible health care is to the vitality of a small community.

“If we did not have a hospital, it would have a huge impact on our community,” Edming told Valued Voice Editor Mary Kay Grasmick during a visit to his office in the State Capitol. “Not only does the hospital provide stable employment for a few hundred people in Ladysmith, but it also brings other businesses into our community. The impact on our area’s economy would be tremendous if we did not have Rusk County Memorial Hospital in our community.”

One thing that troubles Edming about health care, as the owner of a convenience store in Glen Flora, is the fact that Medicaid does not cover a hospital’s cost to care for patients who are covered by the program.

“If I sold the goods that are on my shelves at 65 percent of what it cost me to purchase them, I would not stay in business very long,” Edming said. “The Rusk County Hospital provides a lot of charity care, on top of receiving less than cost for taking care of patients who have Medicaid. That means hospitals have to shift costs to those who can pay.”

Edming is a proponent of patient engagement, and he was pleased to know that WHA is heavily invested in helping its members involve patients and their families in improvement projects in their hospitals.

“We have the finest health care in the world,” Edming said. “We need to have patients engaged in and educated about the care they receive.”

Edming had nothing but praise for Rusk County Memorial Hospital CEO Charisse Oland, who is also a member of the WHA Board. Oland has been instrumental in recruiting physicians to Ladysmith and helping to ensure the citizens in this remote part of the state have access to high quality care. Oland, along with Edming, were part of a small group of citizens in Ladysmith who spearheaded an effort to convert an empty storefront to a wellness center where residents could exercise safely indoors, especially in winter. That project continues today as Edming is not one to stop pursuing what he sees as important, a trait that carries over to his work as a legislator. 

“There are issues where you just have to put a stake in the ground,” he said. “Sometimes you win and sometimes it’s a draw, but if you are passionate about something, you just have to go for it.”

Being part of the community is important to Edming, and helping people is his passion. One way he wants to help is to bring more physicians to his area, which is why he supports one of WHA’s key workforce priorities—funding for graduate medical education.

“If we can provide opportunities for physicians to finish their residency in a rural setting, I truly believe they will stay and set up their practice there,” Edming said. “There is no better place to live or work.”

And who would know that better than “Jimmy Boy.”

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Worker’s Comp Council Finalizes Legislative Proposal

On December 22, the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) met to finalize draft bill language that reflects the proposals agreed to by the labor and management representatives during their last meeting this legislative session after several months of negotiations. 

The proposal will advance to the Legislature without a fee schedule and without a “directed care” provision. Further, the final proposal includes the higher $26 reimbursement for electronic medical records sought by WHA and other health care providers. The initial proposal allowed for reimbursement of just $10 per electronic record, but was amended after the health care liaisons sent a letter to the Council asking for the higher reimbursement (see 

The final agreed-to bill language can be found at

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WHA Information Center Adds Mapping, ZIP Code Search Features to PricePoint 

WHA Information Center released two new PricePoint features to the public this week. PricePoint users are now able to view the locations for a selected service on a map by city, county or within a 50-mile radius of the center of a ZIP code. The user can click on a numbered location and the charge information for that location and service will be visible on the screen. 

“These changes are meant to provide easy-to-use visuals for patients as they consider options for health care services,” noted Debbie Rickelman, vice president, WHA Information Center. “To date, feedback from hospitals has been positive, and we will continue to improve the mapping function as resources allow.”

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WHA 2016 Advocacy Day, March 30, 2016 

Make plans to head to Madison for WHA’s 2016 Advocacy Day, scheduled March 30. Join your colleagues from across the state and make an impact on our legislators in Madison. Advocacy Day is one of the best ways hospital employees, trustees and volunteers can make an important, visible impact in the State Capitol. Help make the 2016 event a great success by registering today at

Join over 1,000 of your peers from across the state at Advocacy Day 2016 on March 30. The day’s agenda and online registration are available at

For Advocacy Day questions, contact Jenny Boese at 608-268-1816 or For registration questions, contact Jenna Hanson at or 608-274-1820.

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Medicare Data Added to WHIO Website

The Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) public reporting website, is up again. The quality index and resource use index scores now include Medicare FFS claims data in addition to the commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage data in the previous scores on the site.

December 22, 2015 began a 60-day “blackout period” to allow providers access to the site to review prior to it being made available to the general public. Go to to review the site.

If you are a physician or clinic administrator (e.g. medical director, quality manager, other), you are encouraged to register to provide WHIO the most up-to-date information on provider specialty, major area of practice and clinic location. 

To register, click on the “Registration/login” link in the upper right-hand corner. Once you are logged in, specific reports are available for any of the clinics listed Physicians can download their individual “Buck E Badger” report. If you are unable to register or experience other difficulties, contact Kent Marcelle at

In addition to ratings, the site includes information and resources that will encourage consumers to become more actively engaged in their health care, such as a list of the most common standard quality measures; a “Find my Doctor” option that allows consumers to find a doctor who participates in their health plan; soon-to-be-added local doctor and nurse videos providing tips to consumers to become more engaged in their health care, and many other helpful resources.

Rating Criteria

The data reported is for the period of 10/1/13 to 9/30/14. The data in the website will be updated annually and changes will be reflected in the subsequent data release. Submit changes to

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Take Advantage of Early Bird Discount for Physician Leadership Conference
March 11-12, 2016

Register now to take advantage of the early bird discount for the 2016 Physician Leadership Development Conference, scheduled March 11-12 at The American Club in Kohler. Those registered by January 15 qualify for discounted registration fees. The conference agenda and online registration are available at

This year’s conference will include a full-day session with Stacy Nelson, MEd, EdD, offering both the “Crucial Conversations in Medical Management” session and the “Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change” session, focusing on the tools needed to tackle conflict and challenges and the strategies to change culture, thoughts and actions in your organization. Michael Guthrie, MD, MBA, FACPE, will offer the half-day session “Medical Staff Leadership: Meetings and Organizational Politics,” which focuses on ways to run an effective meeting, use group dynamics to build support and deal with disruptive personalities effectively.

Make plans today to bring your new physician leaders to this annual event focused on practical leadership skills that help physician leaders move beyond their clinical training and take a new approach to managerial decision-making and problem solving.

For questions about the Physician Leadership Development Conference, contact Jennifer Frank at or 608-274-1820.

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State Influenza Weekly Reports Available on

Influenza activity has been very low, according to weekly reports provided to WHA by Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD. Temte is a professor of family medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and chair of the Wisconsin Council on Immunization Practices. Throughout the influenza season, he shares his weekly updates with WHA. Temte’s updates are posted in the emergency preparedness section of WHA’s website at

To date, there have been 31 reported influenza-associated hospitalizations across Wisconsin (71 percent were for individuals aged 65+ years).

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