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Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit and Political Action Committee (PAC)

WHA administers both the Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit and the Wisconsin Hospitals Political Action Committee (PAC) to help you support candidates who support hospitals and the patients they serve.

When you donate to the Conduit, it is like your own mini-political checking account.  You decide which candidates will receive funds once you have money in your account.  With the PAC, funds are pooled together from a number of individuals to support both Democrats and Republicans who understand Wisconsin hospitals. 

WHA Contact

Kari Hofer
Vice President/Advocacy
EMAIL: Kari Hofer

Nora Statsick
Political Affairs Consultant
EMAIL: Nora Statsick

Your contribution will make an impact!

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Contributions are not tax deductible. The decision to contribute is voluntary and cannot affect the status, terms or conditions of employment. Wisconsin Hospitals PAC information authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Hospitals PAC, Brian Potter, Treasurer.