Elections 2018

Fall is here and campaign season is in full-swing.  As the November 6 Elections draw near, WHA and HEAT want to ensure health care voters are informed voters. 

For nearly 100 years, WHA has been an advocate for high-quality health care in Wisconsin, ensuring our legislators make health care decisions that protect our families and communities across the state.
Your vote will elect Wisconsin leaders who will make important health care decisions that impact all of us, both now and in the years to come.  That’s why WHA is proud to partner with Wisconsin Eye – they talk with the candidates so that voters have the information they need to make an informed decision when heading to the polls.  And we’re bringing these interviews to you. 

Your Vote is Important to Health Care
A message from WHA President & CEO, Eric Borgerding
  Watch Candidate Interviews
More than 95 candidates were interviewed statewide.

WHA Contact

Kari Hofer
Vice President, Advocacy
EMAIL: Kari Hofer

Other Election Resources

Know who is on your ballot.  Visit MyVote.wi.gov to identify all the candidates on your November 6 ballot.
Encourage Engagement.  WHA's Hospitals Education & Advocacy Team (HEAT) is our statewide advocacy network. Stay engaged for more resources and recruit a friend or coworker to join HEAT.  Sign up now!
Contribute to Candidates.  Did you know the Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit is the largest disbursing conduit in the state?  Over 340 people contribute to candidates across the state through the Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit. To learn more about the Wisconsin Hospitals State PAC & Conduit, visit www.whconduit.com