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Wisconsin has a national reputation for providing high-quality, highly integrated health care.  Wisconsin has been recognized by the federal Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research as ranking in the top ten percent of all states as measured by the quality of the care provided for four years in a row.  In addition, Wisconsin hospitals are committed to sharing information that will help consumers make well-informed decisions about their health care.

WHA Contact

Beth Dibbert
Chief Quality Officer
EMAIL: Beth Dibbert

Jennifer Mueller
Vice President, Info. Center; Privacy Officer
EMAIL: Jennifer Mueller

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    CheckPoint is WHA’s hospital quality reporting website. Nearly every hospital in Wisconsin participates and shares information related to the quality of patient care.

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    PricePoint is a consumer product maintained by the WHA Information Center. This website provides hospital-specific charges and financial data related to care provided by all Wisconsin hospitals, urgent care and ambulatory surgery centers.

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