Ascension St. Joseph Hospital, Milwaukee, 2020 Community Benefit

Medical Mission at Home Delivers Care to Hundreds at North Division High School

After receiving medical and dental services, participants left with hygiene items, healthy snacks and in some cases, hugs.
A sore tooth, unchecked blood pressure, no medication and a long overdue mammogram were some of the reasons that brought participants to Ascension Wisconsin’s first Medical Mission at Home in Milwaukee. North Division High School was transformed into a medical center with help from more than 500 volunteers. Hundreds of health care professionals spent their Saturday delivering free care, including more than 600 medical and 147 dental services to 230 individuals. 
Medical missions are most commonly thought of when volunteer caregivers travel to other countries to provide medical services. The Ascension Wisconsin Medical Mission at Home does the same thing but for our own community.
The Medical Mission at Home offers spiritually centered care to improve the health of our neighbors, friends and anyone who may find it difficult to access the care they need. 
Access to affordable health care remains a challenge for many. For those living without insurance or high deductibles they can’t afford, that can mean some patients are living without vital health tests, screenings and medication.
Medical evaluations, laboratory testing, X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, medications, podiatry and dermatology screenings along with dental services, were among the many services offered at no charge.
Thirty community organizations also participated in the event, connecting participants to needed resources including insurance enrollment, mental health programs, violence prevention, asthma, substance abuse, support groups and maternal and infant health.
Helping people get the medical services they need is a big reason Ascension Wisconsin takes its medical mission beyond the walls of a hospital to places like North Division High School. 
“Our Medical Mission at Home provides services to a really important group of people who either don't have health insurance or who are underinsured here in the greater Milwaukee area. Our dedication to helping those who are most in need is unwavering – this day is about positively impacting lives and improving health in our community,” said Kevin Kluesner, chief administrative officer, Ascension St. Joseph.