Aurora West Allis Medical Center, 2022 Community Benefits

Fighting Dual Illness with Flu Vaccine Promotion

As flu season approached, providers at Aurora West Allis Medical Center urged people to get vaccinated. Although Advocate Aurora providers promote flu vaccinations every year, many providers agreed that it was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Providing community members with flu vaccines helped reduce the burden of flu illnesses on hospitals that were already working over capacity to meet the needs of COVID-19 patients. Receiving a flu vaccination also meant reducing flu risk for vulnerable populations, especially those already managing chronic health conditions.

In 2021, the Aurora West Allis Medical Center the West Allis-West Milwaukee Health Department to provide free flu clinics at food bank and church locations, including St. John’s Church, First Lutheran Church, and Holy Assumption Food Pantry. The hospital’s pharmacist administered the vaccinations at the clinic and served in this role as part of Advocate Aurora Health’s system-level Health Equity mission and to support those community members most heavily impacted by COVID-19, including uninsured individuals.