New ePDMP launched January 17

Prescribers and dispensers will need to take action

January 20, 2017

Significant changes to the Wisconsin Prescription Drug Program (PDMP) are occurring, and prescribers and dispensers will need to act to continue to be able to access the PDMP and to start the process to connect to the new PDMP via their electronic health record (EHR).

On January 17, 2017, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) launched the Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) intended to provide more streamlined web access to PDMP data and new analytics and visualizations of the PDMP data. As communicated in emails December 16, 2016 from DSPS to licensed prescribers, licensed pharmacists and pharmacy managers, data users and submitters to the new ePDMP are required to re-register to use the new ePDMP. Information about the new ePDMP and registration can be found here:

In addition, DSPS has requested that WHA alert health systems that are interested in utilizing their federally-certified EHR technology to access the ePDMP data through their EHR to contact the Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. DSPS is encouraging health care organizations to contact DSPS soon so they can complete the integration process before April 1, 2017. During a December 12, DSPS webinar on WI ePDMP-EHR Integration, DSPS directed organizations interested in connecting their EHR to the ePDMP to go to for technical/logistical details, which includes a subscription agreement contract with DSPS’s vendor and an outline of the implementation model.

For additional information about giving DSPS notice of your interest in EHR integration with the ePDMP, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program can be reached at or 608-266-0011.

This story originally appeared in the January 20, 2017 edition of WHA Newsletter