New Legislator Profile: Rep. Ron Tusler (R-Harrison)

April 14, 2017

Rep. Ron Tusler was inspired to serve in the Legislature by the example set by his great-grandfather, Sen. Gordon Bubolz. Sen. Bubolz served in the Wisconsin state senate and was best known for his conservation of Northeast Wisconsin’s state parks, including High Cliff State Park.

"I love my country, state and hometown. I never served in the military, but I feel that I owe our state and country a great debt," Tusler said. "Serving in the Legislature is an effort to do my share for a state that has given me so much."

Tusler has personal experience with Wisconsin’s high-quality health system, as his mother has been battling cancer.

"Anybody who has been sick knows how important our health system is. We all need it," according to Tusler. "What we are doing in Wisconsin in health care is remarkable."

He said Wisconsin is not known for "patting ourselves on the back," instead "we just set new goals for excellent care."

Tusler pointed out Wisconsin’s low uninsured rate, access to care and the fact that "anyone who really needs care, for the most part, is receiving it."

"We have a lot to be proud of in this state, and we’re thankful for our nurses, doctors and everyone involved in the health care profession," he added.

Tusler is a strong supporter of the Rural Wisconsin Initiative, a package of legislation designed to address needs for rural communities including health care, workforce, technology and education. Part of that package, developed in close cooperation with WHA, will provide additional funding for training opportunities for advanced practice clinicians and allied health professionals.

"If we can get some professionals to start their careers in rural Wisconsin, and give them an incentive on a small scale, the kind of program we are developing has a lot of potential," Tusler said. "Rural Wisconsin is where many opportunities exist."

Tusler said high-quality health care is instrumental in attracting new industry and business to the state.

"When a business looks to build, they look at the services that are available," Tusler said. "I think health care is definitely a factor important to businesses staying in our state and being successful. I also think companies are aware of how important good health care is to them."

Tusler has experience working on emergency detention cases on behalf of the state public defender’s office. He knows some of the issues involved and the importance of getting people the mental health services they need.

"The underlying mental health issues are much more prevalent than people realize, at younger ages and even in later years," he said. "Identifying those issues early on saves lives."

This story originally appeared in the April 14, 2017 edition of WHA Newsletter