Member News: Aspirus Langlade Hospital CEO Dave Schneider Retires

June 23, 2017

After 37 years at Aspirus Langlade Hospital, Dave Schneider retired as the organization’s chief executive officer (CEO) June 14, 2017. Schneider was hired in 1980 as the director of human resources at what was then known as Langlade County Memorial Hospital. In 1989 he was appointed as the CEO, a role he held for the past 28 years. 

Under Schneider’s leadership, Aspirus Langlade Hospital & Clinics experienced significant growth and success. He created a culture where staff feel valued and kindness and compassion are consistently demonstrated—the cornerstones of his leadership style. His commitment to the mission of the organization is evidenced by ongoing assessment of patient care needs and ensuring that Aspirus Langlade Hospital continues to plan and be prepared to respond to those needs. Those that have had the privilege of working with him have witnessed his unwavering objectivity, intelligence and ability to remain calm and focused in the most trying of circumstances. Most importantly, the patient is always at the forefront of every decision.

Schneider has guided the Hospital through major changes, including the construction of a new hospital and a merger with Aspirus. The hospital is jointly owned by Catholic Health International and Aspirus, Inc.


This story originally appeared in the June 23, 2017 edition of WHA Newsletter