Fast Facts from the WHA Information Center: Auto Accidents Result in Over 30,000 ED Visits

January 26, 2018

Not only should you be careful driving through the snow and icy conditions this winter, but you should also be careful driving all year round. 

In 2016, there were auto accidents that resulted in 32,661 emergency department (ED) visits at a Wisconsin hospital. Of those visits, 52 resulted in a death. The WHA Information Center has created a county-specific map displaying the rate of ED visits per 1,000 population due to auto accidents.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 214,367 drivers were involved in reportable accidents—a 6.7 percent increase from 2015. Other 2016 statistics include:

  • Reportable Accidents:  129,051
  • Fatal Accidents:  524
  • Injury Accidents: 31,066

Here are some driving safety tips from the National Safety Council.

Data provided by the WHA Information Center (WHAIC). WHAIC is dedicated to collecting, analyzing and disseminating complete, accurate and timely data and reports about charges, utilization, quality and efficiency provided by Wisconsin hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and other health care providers.

This story originally appeared in the January 26, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter