Hospital Advocates Visit With State Legislators to Discuss Health Care Policy

March 23, 2018

An important component of WHA’s Annual Advocacy Day event is not just hearing speeches about the current state of affairs in politics and health care, but making the voice of Wisconsin’s hospitals heard loud and clear in the state capitol with a unified message. Advocacy Day attendees had the opportunity to do just that following a legislative issues briefing from WHA Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Kyle O’Brien. Over 120 state lawmakers and legislative staff received visits from nearly 600 hospital advocates after Advocacy Day.

“While your WHA government relations team is in contact with state policymakers on a daily basis, today is your opportunity to tell the personal stories that you are best at telling. Use today as your opportunity to remind legislators how important your hospital is to you, your family and your community,” said O’Brien during the briefing.

O’Brien reminded Advocacy Day attendees that their presence will truly make a difference, as it did when the topics WHA lobbied on during Advocacy Day in 2017 were enacted into law in the last state budget.

O’Brien asked those visiting with lawmakers to make three main points during their visit: remind legislators that high-quality, high-value health care is an asset to Wisconsin’s economy because it helps to attract great talent for all industries; thank lawmakers for investments in hospital Medicaid reimbursement, but remind them more needs to be done to further cut the Hidden Health Care Tax; and, ask lawmakers to stand with their hospital and health care providers in opposition to a government fee schedule in Wisconsin’s nation-leading worker’s compensation program.

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This story originally appeared in the March 23, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter