Compare Your Employee Benefits Programs

June 26, 2018

Managing employee benefit costs is one of the most important issues for nearly all employers, including health care. Many strategies involve creating incentives for employees to use and manage their health care more efficiently.

LMC Insurance & Risk Management (www.lmcins. com/healthcare.html) is WHA’s premier partner for insurance, risk management, and employee benefit programs. Based on LMC’s benefits benchmarking survey, the top five cost control strategies in 2017 were:

1. Increased employee share of monthly premium
2. Increased employee share of coinsurance
3. Negotiated lower plan costs
4. Increased deductibles
5. Increased employee out-of-pocket maximums

How do your benefit plans and strategies compare? Participate in LMC’s 2018 employee benefits survey to gain valuable insight in evaluating your program— ensuring you are providing benefits that are both competitive and economical. More information about the survey is available at

WHA members who complete the survey will receive customized benchmarking results that detail how their benefits compare to other hospitals, and how they compare to other employers in the Midwest and nationally.

Contact Ali Clark at for questions about the survey.

This story originally appeared in the June 26, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter