WHA Workforce Council Previews Interactive Data Resource

Resources and support essential for health care workforce development

July 31, 2018

WHA’s Council on Workforce Development was offered an opportunity to weigh in on a data tool under construction by the WHA Information Center. WHA Vice President of Workforce and Clinical Practice Ann Zenk notes, “High-quality, highvalue health care relies on a high-quality, adequately supplied workforce, and WHA continues our commitment in providing workforce data relevant to WHA members and policymakers for proactive decision-making.”

The interactive dashboard would allow users to display trends in key workforce metrics such as vacancy rate, percent of workforce over age 55, and full-time equivalents employed. Council members saw the value in being able to rollup analysis, such as combined rates for advanced practice providers, as well as drill down to region, county or facility specific data.

WHA Information Center Vice President Jennifer Mueller expressed her appreciation for the Council’s feedback, “It’s very exciting when we can take recommendations from the Council, use a tool like Kaavio and turn them into meaningful and actionable information for our members.”

WHA anticipates the launch of this interactive workforce data resource by the end of 2018. For questions or suggestions related to workforce data and forecasting, contact Ann Zenk at 608-274-1820.

This story originally appeared in the July 31, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter