Attorneys General File Association Health Plans Lawsuit

August 07, 2018

On July 26, Attorneys General (AGs) from 11 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s final rule pertaining to Association Health Plans. The rule, issued June 19, allows small firms and selfemployed individuals to band together to purchase insurance across state lines and across industries.

The AGs cited concerns with the proposal include the potential to draw healthier, younger enrollees from the exchange market (estimates suggested as many as 4.3 million by 2023), and that the policy change could lead to exchange premium increases. The lawsuit claims the rule "upends a decades-old understanding of a foundational employee benefits law for the purpose of exempting a significant portion of the health insurance market from the Affordable Care Act's consumer protections."

This story originally appeared in the August 07, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter