Registration for Annual WHAIC Discharge Data Submission Training Now Open

September 18, 2018

The WHA Information Center (WHAIC) prides itself on the thoroughness of the data it receives and what is in turn provided back to the data users. The success of WHAIC and meeting the goals of its mission statement are dependent upon you and your staff to submit high-quality discharge data that is accurate and validated. 

The data WHAIC provides is only as good as the effort a facility puts into it. We provide multiple resources to guarantee good results, and as stated in DHS 120.07 Training; WHAIC conducts a series of annual training sessions throughout the state to explain policies, procedures and provide assistance in implementing the data submission requirements. Now more than ever, hospitals should take note that with the conversion to the 837-file format and as supported by the statute, “each data submitting entity shall authorize appropriate staff to attend the data submission training.” WHAIC strongly encourages attendance, as in-person training is far more comprehensive then a recorded webinar. For more information about training or registration, please contact the WHAIC staff.

Locations and Dates:
Madison Location (WHA):                    September 20, 2018             
Madison Location (WHA):                    September 21, 2018   
Green Bay Location (Tundra Lodge):            September 27, 2018
Pewaukee Location (The Ingleside Hotel):        October 5, 2018

This story originally appeared in the September 18, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter