Almost there! Wisconsin Hospitals State PAC & Conduit Update

Full contributor list included

October 16, 2018

Three weeks before the November elections, the Wisconsin Hospitals State PAC & Conduit has almost surpassed its aggressive 2018 fundraising goal of raising $312,500.  As of today, the campaign has raised $308,000, or 98.7% of goal, from 277 individuals who are listed on pages 7-8. 

“With the elections right around the corner, individuals are still actively involved—making their contributions and disbursing their funds,” said Kari Hofer, WHA’s VP of Advocacy. “There is still time to make an impact and support candidates who value high-quality health care in Wisconsin.”  

Contributions can be made online at or call Kari Hofer at 608-268-1816. To check your conduit balance or to disburse your conduit funds, contact Nora Statsick at 608-239-4535.

This story originally appeared in the October 16, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter