Join the Wisconsin Association of Directors of Volunteer Services (WADVS)

December 18, 2018

Volunteers are vital to providing that extra bit of customer service in our Wisconsin hospitals, wayfinding during appointments, assistance in the gift shop or coffee shop, and so many other activities that are important to patients and their families. In many hospitals, behind the scenes is a director of volunteer service who works with those many volunteers each day to ensure they are meeting the hospital’s needs in the most efficient and effective way.

The Wisconsin Association of Directors of Volunteer Services (WADVS) is the statewide professional organization for those who are responsible for volunteer management in a health care setting. WADVS provides its members with a variety of benefits, including access to resources for new ideas, programs and solutions, including their popular “Ask the Director” online forum. 

WADVS hosts an annual education conference that encourages volunteer directors to think differently about their roles in the overall delivery of care and identify best practices from fellow colleagues and leaders in the field. They also offer the opportunity for members to earn continuing professional education hours to reach or maintain the professional credential of Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (CAVS). The 2019 conference is scheduled for June 13-14 in Oshkosh.

WADVS is currently accepting membership applications for 2019. Pass this information about WADVS on to your leader of volunteer management and encourage him/her to consider membership by visiting or contacting one of their co-presidents, Jennifer Loew or Dawn Meier

This story originally appeared in the December 18, 2018 edition of WHA Newsletter