First Wisconsin Healthcare Business Forum Event Packs the House

Healthcare and business leaders discuss the importance and economic impact of innovation

January 29, 2019

The Wisconsin Healthcare Business Forum (WHBF) inaugural event brought together healthcare, business and technology leaders for a compelling discussion about the importance of connecting the healthcare industry with new, emerging tech-based businesses in Wisconsin.  In a packed room, panelists from the Wisconsin Hospital Association, Froedtert Health, and Godfrey & Kahn elevated the dialogue about how quality healthcare impacts the state’s economy. 

“Wisconsin has one of the best healthcare systems in the nation, which helps attract and retain businesses who want and need a healthy workforce. It’s just as important to note that hospitals and health systems are among the state’s biggest employers.  The healthcare sector has a $30 billion economic impact in Wisconsin each year, and its footprint in communities is extensive,” said Eric Borgerding, WHA President and CEO, and WHBF Vice-chair.  

Borgerding also noted the state’s economic future is dependent upon the success of the healthcare industry, which is often a pioneer in innovation itself. “Providers are always looking for better ways to treat patients, so it’s only natural to connect the healthcare sector with new tech businesses in Wisconsin.”

Froedtert Health’s Chief Strategy Officer David Olson and Jed Roher, a tax and corporate lawyer at Godfrey & Kahn, talked about the growing demand for healthcare, and how innovation improves operations and delivers healthcare more efficiently and effectively. New start-up tech companies bring economic development dollars into the state, leading to strong local and regional economies. The panel discussion was moderated by Tom Still, Wisconsin Tech Council President and WHBF Chair, who kicked off the discussion by highlighting Wisconsin’s innovative efforts in healthcare through new tests, devices and software.

You can learn more about the Wisconsin Healthcare Business Forum and future WHBF events online.

This story originally appeared in the January 29, 2019 edition of WHA Newsletter