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Six Reasons to Attend WHA’s Advocacy Day

March 05, 2019

Advocacy Day is right around the corner, just six weeks away.  If you haven’t signed-up yet, go to our website and register now.  If you are still on the fence, or have not attended in the past, here are the Top Six Reasons to Attend WHA’s Advocacy Day:

  • Field trip to Madison. Work in the office or at the hospital is important, but sometimes the work you do outside the office, in the field is the most impactful. Spend Advocacy Day in Madison and support the good work you do every day.
  • Free lunch—and Cupcakes!  There is no cost to attend Advocacy Day; we kindly ask that attendees pre-register for space and food planning. We not only feed you lunch, but morning refreshments are also provided compliments of The Boldt Company. Lunch dessert is cupcakes, and one of the most memorable parts of Advocacy Day—seriously. Thanks to Quarles & Brady for keeping this tradition alive.
  • Network with others from around the state who work or volunteer in health care. We are joined by more 1,000 health care advocates representing all areas of health care delivery:
    • Hospital executives
    • Physician leaders
    • Nurse leaders
    • Health care financial managers
    • Community benefit professionals
    • IT professionals, HR professionals
    • PR and marketing professionals
    • Volunteers
    • Trustees--the list goes on
  • Listen to dynamic speakers.  We are honored to have a number of great speakers join us for Advocacy Day, including former Governor Tommy G. Thompson, current Governor Tony Evers, and a state legislative panel (to be announced soon!). The decisions made at the Capitol regarding health care have significant impact on our communities, and as someone who works in health care, it’s important to be informed about the issues currently facing our elected officials.
  • Learn about important health care policy impacting your hospital, then visit the State Capitol and meet with your Legislator. Wisconsin’s Capitol is one of the country’s most beautiful and this is your opportunity to take a walk through its halls as you visit your home legislator. Don’t worry, WHA staff takes care of the scheduling and directions. Hall Render takes care of the transportation—door to door bus transportation is provided. 
  • Join the team, HEAT, and support high-quality, accessible, and affordable health care in Wisconsin. You can be a part of an important movement and an effective team. The Hospitals Education Advocacy Team (HEAT) is WHA’s statewide network connecting health care and government. Advocacy Day is HEAT’s showcase. Whether you are officially a member or not, participating in this powerful event makes you part of the team!  Start getting the updates now—sign-up for HEAT today!

This story originally appeared in the March 05, 2019 edition of WHA Newsletter