WHA Information Center Puts Important Data at Your Fingertips!

Learn more about all data sets available to help with your hospital’s decision making

June 11, 2019

WHA Information Center (WHAIC) compiles data from Wisconsin hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the state. This information is available to help you make important operations and service decisions, as well as better identify patient trends.

  • Avoid the cost and burden of prepping and synthesizing data
  • Find answers to key business questions

Data Set Name General Description How You Can Utilize the Data Standard Patient Discharge Data Sets Hospital and inpatient and outpatient claims data; ASC claims data • Examine hospital and ASC resources and services • Analyze patient populations based on demographics, diagnoses and procedures • Identify patterns, relationships, anomalies, and trends in services, patient populations and other factors • Evaluate charges and utilization for a specific service, hospital, ASC or market segment • Explore market opportunities and patterns for key services • Study payer mix impacts on charges, services and patient populations Custom Data Sets / Analytics Services Set of customized actionable data that has been tailored specifically for your organization’s needs and interest • Obtain advanced, customized reports and data sets without the need for internal resources and expertise • Attain faster insights for decision-making • Improve productivity by leveraging the exact data set needed for internal analysis Hospital Survey** Staffing and utilization data, including detailed demographic, services, staffing and [some] financial data • Analyze hospital services, utilization, staffing and financial performance • Identify and compare hospital services Fiscal Hospital Survey** Revenue, expenses and deductions data; unrestricted assets and liabilities; charity care and bad debt • Valuable insight into the efficiency and financial health of your hospital, including gross and net revenue projections • Examine revenue, expenses, operating margins and other financial information • Evaluate a hospital’s uncompensated care – including charity care and bad debt ** Detailed information also available in WHAIC annual publications

For more information about WHAIC data sets, contact WHAIC’s Director of Operations Brian Competente at 608.274.1820.

This story originally appeared in the June 11, 2019 edition of WHA Newsletter