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Alert: State Immunization Registry Outage on Oct 21

October 24, 2019

Earlier this week a data center housing various state government systems, including the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR), suffered a broad outage on Monday, Oct. 21 from 9:43 a.m. to 1:13 p.m. While the state says that no data already in the WIR were lost, any client/immunization data sent during the outage period to the WIR via the exchange were not accepted and will need to be resent.

The state’s Department of Health Services sent an alert about the outage on Oct. 21 to the health care contacts it has on file. Knowing that those lists can become out-of-date, DHS has requested that all hospitals and systems check their WIR user accounts to ensure alerts are being received.

Contact the WIR help desk with any questions.

This story originally appeared in the October 24, 2019 edition of WHA Newsletter