Have You Responded to the Census Yet?

April 02, 2020

Note: This is the fifth in a series of five The Valued Voice articles about the U.S. Census and why it’s important for health care.
February 13: Growing Focus on Complete Census Count is Important for Health Care
March 12:  The 2020 Census Series: Decennial Census Timeline and Census Bureau Tools
March 19:  How Census Bureau Data is Used by Federal Health Care Programs
March 26: Census Bureau Adjusts to COVID-19 Pandemic
April 2:  Have You Responded to the Census Yet?
April 1 was Census Day. This is a key reference date for the 2020 Census – not a deadline. April 1 is used to determine who is counted and where in the 2020 Census. When you complete the census, where you lived as of April 1, 2020 is counted as your residence for census purposes.
As mentioned in the March 26 The Valued Voice, U.S. residents are encouraged to use the available methods that are not face-to-face to complete the Census: internet, phone, or snail mail. The COVID-19 public health emergency is not a barrier to completing the Census in a timely fashion.  

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This story originally appeared in the April 02, 2020 edition of WHA Newsletter