Annual Partners of WHA Awards

April 09, 2020

The Partners of WHA are again proud to announce that the application process for their annual awards (WAVE and BOB) are open for your consideration.
BOB (Best of the Best)
The annual “Best of the Best Administrative Award” honors one top on-site administrator of a Wisconsin hospital who demonstrates a cooperative, supportive, enthusiastic, and well-defined relationship with his or her volunteer organization. For more information and to submit a nomination, please click here.
WAVE (Wisconsin Awards for Volunteer Excellence)
The Wisconsin Awards for Volunteer Excellence (WAVE) program was established by Partners of WHA, Inc. to recognize outstanding contributions of organized volunteer programs and is patterned after the AHA (American Hospital Association) HAVE (Hospital Award for Volunteer Excellence) Awards program. The WAVE Award recognizes volunteer programs whose work directly furthers the mission of the institution they serve.  One WAVE Award may be given to a program in each of the four categories:

• Community Service
• Fundraising
• In-Service
• Community Outreach and/or Collaboration
For more information and to submit a nomination, please click here,

This story originally appeared in the April 09, 2020 edition of WHA Newsletter