CELEBRATING 100 YEARS: 1953 Annual Report of the Association

April 16, 2020

In 1953 the Wisconsin Hospital Association had a busy year. The Annual Report of the Association had some interesting things to read about. A few excerpts:
  • WHA appointed an Insurance Committee to look into the rapidly increasing rates for malpractice insurance. (Read more about this issue in a future article.)
  • A proposed organizational plan was recommended to the Women’s Auxiliary of the WHA. (Read more about auxilians and their contributions to WHA in a future article.)
  • The State Board of Health appointed an Advisory Council with a WHA representative to assist in the preparation of the Hospital Approval and Regulatory Act.
  • WHA had 156 Institutional members and 89 individual members.
  • Membership dues from hospitals were $2,320.
  • The payroll for WHA was $1,800.
  • Legislative priorities included the Hospital Regulatory and Approval Act (Chapter 330) which was passed in July 1953. After July 1954, all hospital were required to obtain certificate of approval.
Read the 1953 Annual Report of WHA including a President’s Report, Executive Secretary Report, Balance Sheet and Legislative Report to the Board.
Watch for articles on more annual reports in future “CELEBRATING 100 YEARS” as well as articles about WHA’s past and current presidents, WHA’s homes, CheckPoint, PricePoint, the formation of the WHA Information Center, Convention Fun Runs and train rides, the Southern Hospital Invitational Golf Tournament, WI Act 183, greetings from WHA past chairmen and much more.

This story originally appeared in the April 16, 2020 edition of WHA Newsletter