WHA’s PSA Campaign Promotes Safe, Available Hospital Care

May 21, 2020

WHA has launched a series of public service announcements, media outreach and social media posts emphasizing how hospitals and clinics are methodically and steadily phasing back into providing the wide range of services that were readily available before the COVID-19 pandemic.
The campaign includes a recent collaboration between WHA and the Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (WACEP) focusing on the fact that emergency and urgent care has remained safe and available across the state throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The effort included distribution of two audio PSAs (a 30-second ad and a 15-second ad) that radio stations can use statewide as part of their everyday broadcast rotation, a joint press release from both organizations and a full spread of social media outreach.
Building upon that message, WHA released this video earlier today on its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms highlighting hospital and clinic safety and availability. The video has been shared with WHA member public relations/media staff, WHA’s Corporate Members and other hospital supporters to further spread the message that hospitals have remained safe and available throughout Wisconsin.

“It’s important the public know that the high-quality care they’re used to is available for them as we enter a new phase in the COVID-19 story,” WHA President and CEO Eric Borgerding said. “We are crafting a wide array of messaging that can be easily shared and partnering with important groups like WACEP helps amplify that Wisconsin’s great hospitals and health systems are as safe and effective as they’ve always been, and that it’s important that people don’t delay getting the care they need.”

WHA will continue to build on this work with additional PSAs to air later this month. Stay tuned to future editions of The Valued Voice and WHA’s social media accounts for news of upcoming efforts.

This story originally appeared in the May 21, 2020 edition of WHA Newsletter