Wisconsin has a national reputation for providing high-quality, highly integrated health care, and WHA members have long supported both quality and price transparency.  WHA members regularly participate in a Transparency Task Force to share information and best practices aimed at improving transparency in health care and providing feedback for policymakers on state and federal legislative proposals.  
Hospital members can log in to the WHA Member Portal to find information and tools to support your work related to the CMS price transparency rule.  Once you have logged in, the Price Transparency Resource page can be found under the Resources tab.  


WHA Contact

Jennifer Mueller
Vice President, Info. Center; Privacy Officer
EMAIL: Jennifer Mueller

Joanne Alig
Senior Vice President, Public Policy
EMAIL: Joanne Alig

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    Wisconsin hospitals’ voluntary participation in CheckPoint, WHA’s public reporting patient quality and safety data website, has been a national model for information, and continuous improvement. Since 2004, CheckPoint has helped Wisconsin health care rank among the highest in the nation.

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    Wisconsin hospitals are committed to sharing information that will help consumers make well-informed decisions about their health care. Hospital price information has been reported on PricePoint since 2004. This website provides hospital-specific charges and financial data related to care provided by all Wisconsin hospitals, urgent care and ambulatory surgery centers.

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