WHA Statement: U.S Senate Health Care Bill Falls Short

Attribute to WHA President/CEO Eric Borgerding
June 22, 2017

Our initial review leads us to conclude that this bill falls far short of protecting our core issues of maintaining access to health care coverage, stabilizing the insurance market and safeguarding Wisconsin’s Medicaid program. It is a complex bill and requires much more in-depth review before we will know the full extent of its impact on Wisconsin’s patients, providers and communities.

There is a lot at stake for Wisconsin in this bill, not the least of which is potentially billions in lost federal Medicaid funding by perpetuating inequities among states.

We commend Senator Johnson for taking a circumspect approach, including advocating for market stabilization first, while wanting time to understand the broader ramifications of the bill through his stated desire to obtain constituents' reaction and input.”

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Contact: Mary Kay Grasmick, WHA 608-274-1820