Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
The Wisconsin Hospital Association's mission is advocating for the ability of its members to lead in the provision of high quality, affordable, and accessible health care services, resulting in healthier Wisconsin communities.

Vision Statement
The Association's vision is based on actively pursuing the following objectives:

    • Making advocacy and representation WHA's highest priority.
    • Advocating for the identification and implementation of initiatives that contribute to improved community health.
    • Serving as a forum to discuss diverse points of view and seek consensus on how best to meet societal and member needs. 
    • Providing education and training on issues relating to regulatory compliance, management, clinical improvement, and other matters that enable members to achieve their missions. 
    • Taking a leadership role in fostering a climate of collaboration, respect, and interdependency between the various providers of health care.
    • Offering value added services that meet membership needs through the Association and its subsidiaries.

The mission/vision statements clearly lay out the charge of the Association and accurately reflects needs in the 21st century.

Wisconsin Hospital Association was established in 1920. The organization became Wisconsin Health and Hospital Association (WHA) in March 1996, reflecting its efforts to meet the ever-changing, broad-based needs of statewide health care providers.

In September, 2002, the WHA membership voted to revert back to the original name -- Wisconsin Hospital Association -- to focus on the core mission and vision of the Association and its members.

WHA's core membership includes hospitals. Corporate memberships are also available.

WHA staff is committed to serving member needs, keeping members informed of important local and national legislative issues, interpreting clinical and quality issues for members, providing up-to-date educational information and encouraging member participation in Association activities.


Wisconsin Hospital Association
Mailing: PO Box 259038, Madison, Wisconsin 53725-9038
Street Address: 5510 Research Park Drive, Fitchburg, WI 53711
Phone: 608-274-1820
Fax: 608-274-8554


WHA Contact

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