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WHA annually surveys its member hospitals using the Community Benefits Inventory for Social Accountability (CIBSA) statewide survey tool developed by Lyons Software to both collect and report these activities. Wisconsin is one of a handful of states in the country where 100 percent of the hospitals voluntarily report community benefits. Wisconsin hospitals caring for their communities. See how:
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WI Hospitals Provided $1.8 Billion in Community Benefits in FY 2016

Charity Care (at cost) $187,907,925
Medicaid Shortfalls $1,097,007,404
Losses on Other Public Programs $29,512,775
Subsidized Health Services $117,450,745
Nursing Home Losses $14,134,732
Community Health Improvement Services $68,262,132
Donations, research, education, operations, activities $298,609,127
TOTAL $1,812,884,840


UWPHI Website Facilitates Health Improvement Collaboration Statewide

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute has compiled community health needs assessments (CHNA/CHA) and community health improvement plans (CHIP) from hospitals and health departments across the state into a website for easy access:

This website is organized to allow people interested in a particular health priority area to identify other communities across the state that are also working on that priority.





WHA Contact:

For Community Benefit Survey Questions:

Jenna Hanson

Director, Administration


For Submitting Community Benefit Stories:

Stephanie Marquis

Vice President, Communications




The 2017 Report


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