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WHA News Release: Wisconsin Hospitals Continue to Prepare Staff to Identify, Isolate and Provide Initial Treatment to Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Ebola (10-28-14)

The Department of Health Services website also provides links to several additional resources on required procedures for screening, infection control, protective equipment needs and testing, as well as information for the public: See website here.

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Questions on EVD can be directed to the Communicable Disease Epidemiology Section at 608-267-9003. After hours, health care providers with urgent questions can call 608-258-9900.


American Hospital Association - http://www.aha.org/ebola

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/

HRSA - http://www.hrsa.gov/ebola/index.html

Emory Healthcare - www.emoryhealthcare.org/ebolaprep

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology

Premier Safety Institute



Transporting Suspected Ebola Patients in Wisconsin - Guidance (12-8-14)

Ebola Virus Category 1 Reportable Disease

Governor Scott Walker Announces Ebola Preparedness Plans, Calls for Commercial Travel Ban

Preparedness for Wisconsin Clinicians Regarding Possible Ebola Virus Infection among Travelers from West Africa (memo from DHS 10-1-14)


CDC - Why Ebola is not likely to become airborne (12-1-14)

CDC - Determining Risk of Ebola Transmission in Healthcare and Community Settings (11-25-14)

The FDA has issued emergency use authorizations for new tests that allow hospitals with the right equipment to screen symptomatic patients' blood and urine samples for Ebola and receive results in about an hour. Click for link.

CDC - Guidance for ambulatory care evaluation of potential Ebola patients
--Log of Individuals Entering Rooms Housing Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Ebola Virus Disease

CDC - Identify, isolate, Inform: Ambulatory Care Evaluation of Patients with Possible Ebola(11-6-14)

CDC/Medscape - Proper Use of PPE: (10-31-14) --Video Overview --CDC Guidelines\

CDC - Considerations for Discharging Individuals under Investigation for Ebola (10-31-14)

CDC - Interim U.S. Guidance for Monitoring and Movement of Persons with Potential Ebola Virus Exposure (10-27-14)

CDC - Monitoring Symptoms and Controlling Movement to Stop Spread of Ebola (10-27-14)

CDC - Active Post-Arrival Monitoring for Travelers from Impacted Countries (10-22-14)

CDC - Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems and 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for Management of Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Virus Disease in the United States (10-27-14)

CDC - Identify, Isolate, Inform: Emergency Department Evaluation and Management for Patients Who Present with Possible Ebola Virus Disease (10-26-14)

DHS - Interim Guidance on the Safe Disposal of Ebola Patient Waste in Sanitary Sewers (10-21-14)

AHA - Statement on new CDC Guidance (10-21-14)

CDC - Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

CDC - Guidelines for Submitting HPP and PHEP Emergency Response Requests (October, 2014)

CDC - Key Messages - Ebola Virus Disease - West Africa (10-16-14)

CDC - Tightened Guidance for U.S. Healthcare Workers on Personal Protective Equipment for Ebola

CDC - When Caring for Suspect or Confirmed Patients with Ebola

CDC - Fact Sheet: CDC Taking Active Steps Related to Hospital Preparedness for Ebola Treatment (10-14-14)

HHS: 5 Minute EVD Lessons Learned Video - Bruce Ribner, MD, Emory University Hospital

AHA's Readiness Advisory for Ebola Preparedness - October 13, 2014

U.S. DOT Special Permit for Ebola-Infected Patient Waste

CDC - Checklist for Patients Being Evaluated for Ebola Virus Disease in the U.S.

CDC Ebola Case Definition

CDC - Interim Guidance for Specimen Collection, Transport, Testing, and Submission for Patients with Suspected Infection with Ebola Virus Disease

CDC - Monitoring and Movement recommendations

Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Hospitalized Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in U.S. Hospitals

CDC - Interim Guidance for Environmental Infection Control in Hospitals for Ebola Virus

CDC - Ebola Virus Disease Information for Clinicians in U.S. Healthcare Settings

CDC - Guidance on Air Medical Transport for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease

CDC - Interim Guidance about Ebola Infection for Airline Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel

CDC - Death and Disease Reporting Tool for Cabin Crew

CDC - Death and Disease Reporting Tool for Pilots

CDC - Ebola Traveler’s Health



University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine online course on Ebola now available

The University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine have released a free online Ebola education course to help educate clinicians on the disease.

“The Nebraska Ebola Method for Clinicians” includes videos and guidelines used at Nebraska Medicine to care for Ebola patients and will be updated frequently. It is available via the iTunes U app for IPad and iPhone and through Moodle for viewing on a desktop, laptop or other mobile device.

Nebraska Medicine hopes to offer continuing education credit soon. Information will be available at the UNMC website.

A second online course under development for the public will provide explanations about Ebola that are easy to understand and helpful to share with patients, families and community members.