Guide to Grassroots Advocacy

  • What is the most effective way to communicate with my legislator?
  • How do I prepare for testifying at a legislative hearing?
  • How does the legislative process work and what can I do to impact it?
    Take a trip through the educational Hospitals Education & Advocacy Team (HEAT) Grassroots Handbook so you can learn the fundamentals of grassroots advocacy and how to become a positive force for change.

    The HEAT Grassroots Handbook was created to inform and educate HEAT members on positively impacting the legislative process on behalf of their hospitals and communities. If you are not a HEAT member but would like to join the program and receive your complete copy of the Grassroots Handbook, please contact Kari Hofer at 608-268-1816 or Members of WHA's grassroots advocacy program, HEAT, can receive a complimentary copy of this publication by also contacting Kari Hofer.

    Chapter 1: Communicating with your elected official
    This chapter includes tips on addressing correspondence to legislators, what to say and how to say it, a sample outline for your letter, tips on calling your legislator, tips on meeting with your legislator and more.
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    Chapter 2: Building relationships with elected officials
    This chapter includes tips on getting to know legislators and their staffs, tips on hosting legislators at your hospital, and tips on interacting with legislators.
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    Chapter 3: Utilizing the media
    This chapter includes tips on writing a letter to the editor and interacting with the media.
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    Chapter 4: How a bill becomes a law and how you positively influence the process
    This chapter includes information on the entire legislative process - from introduction to enactment - with practical grassroots tips on how you can be involved at each stage.
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    Chapter 5: Testifying at a legislative hearing
    This chapter includes the fundamental dos and don'ts of testifying at a legislative hearing with tips on how to prepare and present your testimony.
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WHA Contact:

Kyle O'Brien

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Kari Hofer

Vice President, Advocacy