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Health care in Wisconsin is now delivered in one of the most highly integrated models in the country. Over the past decade, WHA members large and small, urban and rural have evolved beyond simply hospital organizations into vertically integrated regional and local community health systems including clinics and physician employees. That evolution has changed our members’ relationships with physicians in particular, with more than 75 percent of practicing physicians in Wisconsin being a financial part of WHA member organizations.

As WHA’s members’ operations and interests have evolved beyond the traditional walls of the hospital, so too has WHA. With the physician and clinic components of health care becoming a larger proportion of WHA members’ enterprise, WHA has proactively responded to those changes by enhancing Association activities to incorporate, from the system prospective, issues, opportunities and initiatives in support of integrated system physicians.

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WHA Physician Leaders Council

Established in 2014 to tap into the significant resources and perspectives that WHA member physician leaders bring to Wisconsin’s health and hospital systems, WHA’s Physician Leaders Council consists of Chief Medical Officers, Vice Presidents for Medical Affairs and other physician leaders in WHA’s member organizations.  The Council meets quarterly and provides key input and guidance on WHA efforts to help address a wide range of policy and other needs facing physicians and physician leaders in WHA’s member organizations. 

Contact WHA Chief Medical Officer Chuck Shabino at 608-274-1820 for more information about the WHA Physician Leaders Council.

2018 Council Membership

WHA Valued Voice – Physician Edition

The WHA Valued Voice – Physician Edition is a bi-weekly newsletter of WHA articles relevant to WHA member physicians and physician leaders.  To subscribe to the WHA Valued Voice – Physician Edition, contact Shannon Nelson, WHA Communications Manager at 608-274-1820.

Click Here to Access the WHA Valued Voice – Physician Edition.

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WHA Physician Leadership Development Conference

First held in 2006, WHA’s Physician Leadership Development Conference provides a resource for hospitals and health systems to help existing or emerging physician leaders develop advanced physician leadership skills.

Click Here for Updates and Information about the Next WHA Physician Leadership Development Conference.  

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Physician Leadership Development Conference

The American Club, Kohler, WI

2019: March 15-16

2020: March 13-14

2021: March 12-13

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Physician Workforce Reports

Ensuring Wisconsin has a sufficient physician workforce is of critical importance to WHA members and the communities they serve.  Building upon WHA authored 2004 and 2008 physician work force reports, WHA’s 2011 report “100 New Physicians a Year:  An Imperative for Wisconsin” has served as Wisconsin’s physician workforce blueprint for driving targeted, effective public policy to expand Wisconsin’s physician capacity. 

In 2014, WHA lobbied to secure funding for the Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce, Inc., (WCMEW) – an organization co-founded by WHA -  to continue to support research and efforts to maintain a workforce that meets current and future health care needs for Wisconsin.  As follow ups to WHA’s 2011 report, WCMEW has released subsequent updates to Wisconsin’s ’s physician workforce projections and recommendations.

2011 Physician Report100 New Physicians a Year: An Imperative for Wisconsin -  A Report by the Wisconsin Hospital Association  (2011)




A Work in Progress: Building Wisconsin's Future Physician Workforce - Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce (2016)


Mapping Our Way to Success: Wisconsin’s Physician Workforce Wisconsin Council on Medical Education & Workforce (2018)  



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Physician Retention, Engagement, and Burnout

Developed in consultation with the WHA Physician Leaders Council and created as a benefit of WHA membership, the toolkit compiles a set of potential ideas, strategies, and resources that administrative and physician leaders of integrated care organizations can use to help guide and internally develop a customized physician retention strategic plan unique for their organization.

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Physician Compass

Founded by the Wisconsin Hospital Association and the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality in 2015, Physician Compass is designed to help providers navigate and report physician quality data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System established by MACRA. 

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WHA Contacts:

Charles Shabino, MD

Chief Medical Officer